OMG OMG OMG guess what came in the mail!?!?!?!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Here she is ladies and gents:

    :love: Ms. Cerises Speedy!!!!!!:love:
    speedy1.JPG speedy2.JPG speedy3.JPG speedy4.JPG speedy5.JPG
  2. OMG, it is BEAUTIFUL!!
  3. Very Nice!! Congratulations!!!
  4. It's Sooo Pretty!!
    Congrats I know how much you've been looking forward to the Speedy!
  5. NICE! where did u get it?
  6. Congrats ! :yes:
  7. Beautiful!!!

    And so worth the wait. So happy the whole ordeal was worth it, as it came so fast!!!!!!!! Its such a nice Purse. :love:

  8. YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! She's such a beauty!
  9. LOVE her!! Great choice, I love the cerise speedy.
  10. Awww thanks guys:flowers:

    I bought it from thehuangfamily...ridiculously expensive...but almost mint condition:love: :love: :love:.
  11. i love it!
  12. Yayy, after all the saga and waiting, it's finally with you!!
    It looks great and matches your outfit :graucho:
  13. :nuts: Congrats!!!! It's truly gorgeous:love:
  14. YAY! SO happy, I'm glad your whole paypal/eBay ordeal worked out for the better! AND shes a beauty and what a nice light patina!
  15. It's beautiful!! LOVE IT!!!;) :love:
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