1. Girrrrrrrrrrrrls I LOOOOOOOOVE THOSE BAGS


  2. [​IMG]

  3. interesting...hmm
  4. I really love the first one.
  5. i cant wait to see Full Collection on their site :yahoo:

    Meduim HorseBit Hobo :heart: + One of Those new ones
  6. I am in LOVE with the Red and the Black,Red and purple! Frida sure does like her tassles. Love what I've seen so far! Thank you for posting:flowers:
  7. janice ...ur welocme dear :heart:

    more to come
  8. oooo I like the second one, the red :heart:
  9. Am I the only one who thinks they look vaguely like Fendi Spy's???
  10. they are pretty but i'm not sure if i want to have them. :smile: but the dresses are so GORGEOUS!
  11. [​IMG]



  12. Love the dresses! :smile:
  13. My first thought was Fendi Spy when i looked at them...But I still LOVE them! I NEED one!
  14. thanksss for sharing!! those bags are looking GREAT!! where did you get the pics from?? are there anymore pics of gucci handbags from s/s 2007 collection?
    by the way, when will the s/s 2007 hanbag collection be out on the gucci website?? ANYONE KNOWS!!:smile:

  15. i dont see any Resemblance between the Spy and new Gucci's ... however the new fendi bags resemble LV Veniyl bag ...

    i do have the feeling that the spy look alikes will be too overpriced?? any supporter?
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