Omg Omg Omg Chanel Coco Cabas

  1. i just got off the phone with SA (Karolynn) at Nordstorm and oh em gee

    they are getting def 4 or mabye 6 more black leather coco cabas within few weeks and there are only 4 ppl on the waitingn list right now!!

    so hurry hurry hurry!!

    i am soo glad i called. i was the 4th caller so i am getting it 100%! ahhh so happy

    ask for Karolynn she is the best. so nice too. we had really nice convo about these chanel bags for literally 15 minutes. she is great!

  2. which nordsrom is it and do you have their number? :yes:
  3. Seattle is the only one that carries Chanel.
  4. its the mall of america but it doesnt matter because karolynn said for nordstorm if you are in one waiting list for a certain item then you are in all of the nordstorms waiting list
  5. that's not true. Nordstroms in Mall of America, MN & Canoga Park, CA carry Chanel too
  6. i just called and talked to SA, Maggie, at the Seattle Nordstrom and she told me the wait list for the black coco cabas was a mile long. she even told me it wasn't likely i would even get one. :sad: however, she did say the denim wait list was shorter.

    femme.fatale - i would call again to make sure.
  7. ^ actually yeah your right i just called

    the waiting list for the mall of america ppl!! is short for the coco cabas!

    they said that they didnt have a waiting list for it because everyone said they arent getting anymore. but then right when i called, the SA said they just got a message that they are defenitely receiving 4 more. mabye 6 is likely she said
  8. have you ever bought from her?
    I called chanel and talked to her a couple of weeks ago (when i heard they jsut started carrying chanel). when i called she was busy and told me that she was going to call me back the next day but she never did. :confused1:
  9. Is this the baby cabas in black?
  10. Lovely.
  11. baby cabas is the leather one right?
  12. Ooh I hope these go to PFers!
  13. ohhh... Someone get on that waitlist now.. Cabas' are TDF
  14. T4P. I got my mom on the list! She is so excited and so am I b/c of the added benefit- I can use it!!!
  15. ____UPDATE_____

    so i called again. and the waiting list has 7 ppl on it so far. so i would say that this is the shortest that you will ever see on a coco cabas so hurry gals