OMG! OMG! Need help choosing ASAP! :-)

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  1. OK ladies...I have found my beloved Part-Time--Terry at BalNY has been kind enough to send me pics of both the Giant Natural and Giant White....

    The problem is, I can't decide which I like better!!!!! Let me know what you think....anyone have pros/cons with either color in this style!!?? :shrugs:


    Here's a pic of the two bags:
  2. I have been loving white Bbags lately so I saw white!
  3. Oh I really like the Natural!
  4. Naturel. It seems subtler and more exquisite to me, not to mention that White is made every season.
  5. Yes, I'd say the natural. Somehow the bold gold is less "bold" on that natural. In fact I down right like it on that natural.
  6. she took it out to a muddy parking lot to photograph them?
  7. I know--I was thinking the same thing?! Weird...
  8. With the giant hardware, I like the Natural. Do you already have a Part-Time? How do you like the size?

  9. I don't have a Part-time yet (that will change soon!! :yes: ) I've seen and worn a few in stores though and I can't wait!!!

    Thanks, to EVERYONE, for your input!! I'm defniitely leaning toward the Natural...
  10. I can't decide myself which I prefer. erhm...
  11. I love how the white and GH contrast together. BUT I'd be concerned that the white would wind up with random stains and end up looking dingy. So I'd suggest the natural. It's a little more subtle and rich looking also.
  12. Alright girls...I did it! Natural it is!! Wow...all that before I even have coffee (probably better ;) )....

    Thanks you ALL for your input--that was exactly what I needed...Natural was my original choice but after seeing the white and natural side by side, I got all flustered...both are simply fab! But, all and all, the Natural IS a bit more scrumptious..has less chance of dirt/spots..

    You all rock! Cheers!
  13. My vote goes to natural. The white one with giant hardware is indeed gorgous, but the color is kinda limited for Summer, natural can been worn through the whole year...:yes:

    Yeeeh for your choice_ Can't wait to see the pic...
  14. The natural looks more "special" and rich looking!

  15. For sure, I was thinking the same thing!! Can't wait:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: