OMG, OMG, Lrg Campana on Bluefly...HELP

  1. Ok, I am freaking out. Do you think it's authentic BV. I am madly in love with the large Campana. I had my heart set on ebano, but 20% is not chump change and might be too hard to resist. Help, what should I do?
  2. :sos:Anyone out there. TPFer about to have serious meltdown...:hysteric:
  3. Get it! Get it! It doesn't appear often and is usually gone by the time I see one. My SA told me Ebano and Nero do not go on sale, ever (unless she was lying to me...) so 20% off is a good buy IMHO.
  4. KCC-
    Do you think it's real? I have NEVER bought anything off Bluefly and don't want to get F@$#ed. Are they used or overstock or what? Will it come with a dustbag, will it be damaged:s? Oh the agony...
  5. OMG. My dream bag is gone, gone, gone. I'm such an idiot!:hysteric:
  6. They are real from Bfly.
  7. Someone took it already! dang! You should wait an hour or so because that person may decide not to get it and put it back out. Crossing my fingers for you! If I didn't buy my ebano recently, I would've snapped this up!
  8. H-Less, yes they are real. I ordered a laptop bag from them once. It
    came with a sleeper bag and all. I compared it to the one at the BV boutique and it was identical in every way.
  9. I will keep a watch. Thanks. H.
  10. Is it nero or ebano? I mentioned to you on your other thread that I ordered the black large campana from bluefly a month ago and it was authentic. I decided the size is just too large for me. It's a gorgeous bag! :tup:
  11. H, have you tried this bag on yet? It is huge as Mystiletto stated but if you are looking for a large bag this might work for you.
  12. It' nero. When I went into the bv bouique I thought I preferred the ebano, but $600 savings (between bf discount and tax) is a big savings and I don't have a black bag. I am 5'11'' and will use the bag as a carry-all for work and play. So I think it's perfect.
  13. OMG it's back...And now in my cart:yahoo:. I have 1 hour to hold it while I madly text DH to beg for bag...Wish me luck!
  14. Good luck! Be sure to post pics if you purchase it!
  15. Good luck H-less! Let us know how it goes!!!