OMG OMG LMAO Sorry a thread about fakes...

  1. If anyone is in Houston please watch Channel 2 KPRC on them busting two nail salons in Humble for selling fake handbags. OMG and then watch the blonde chick they interviewed that has a FAKE denim/red crocodile NEO SPEEDY bag saying how it was a gift and REAL and cost $1200!! OMG it was soooo FAKE! I HAD TO CALL THE STATION AND TELL THEM. The guy who answered the phone was like are you sure yours are real. I said sweetie I buy my bags from the boutique and let me tell you something, "people who know, KNOW!"

    OMG I couldn't beleive that girl and her fake bag!
  2. OMG I wrote that so fast I hope it makes sense! LOL
  3. LOL How funny!!!!!!!
  4. It's like how could you be on TV and show off your fake bag when they are doing a whole thing on busting fake bags! SEE it goes to show how some peope DON'T know! It's funny because she would be someone who would see my denim bag and think it's fake because she is "certain" her is real. OMG! I am dying laughing here. She was soooo valley girl!
  5. Wow! She went on TV and pronounced her fake to be real? :wtf: Some people are shameless...

  6. YES! LOL she said it was a gift! Isn't that classic!
  7. LMAOOOOOO that is hilarious. **** I wish I could watch it. Too funny.
  8. Omg...lmao!
  9. Oh wow, that's so funny! I wish I could have seen it!
  10. I'll be sure to watch tonight!!!!!
  11. That was great!
  12. Oh wow how sad lol
  13. oh my... it does look very fake!!!!:roflmfao:
    Shame on her!!!
    or maybe she really does not know her bag is fake...???:p
    Thanks for the link!
  14. I can imagine you pacing like a nutter in your house on the phone waiting to speak with someone and yelling Fake fake fake....