OMG OMG it's first REVEAL!!!!!

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  1. Hey ladies and gents!

    The delivery was supposed to be yesterday but a signature was required so I made sure to be home for most of the day today to sign for it...

    the UPS man just knocked on the door a few minutes ago :yahoo:

    and I signed for a big ole box!! :yahoo:

    and now I'm typing here on TPF trying to contain my excitement...

    OMG OMG...kay...lemme at that box!! :yahoo:
  2. here's a's just the big ole box! I put my ipod in there so ya'll can gauge the size of the box...any guesses? hopefully some people show up :biggrin:

  3. so here's the story...

    I first saw this online and instantly fell in love with it but it was pretty expensive and I couldn't justify the i waited...and waited...then it disappeared from the website :wtf: and my heart sank a little...

    but some time reappeared! and this time it was in the clearance section of the website marked half-off...:yahoo:...I instantly put it in my cart and was about to check out but wanted to think about it a little bit more so I hesitated...a few minutes later it was gone again :pout:

    and ever since...I've been checking the website to see if it would reappear...but sadly it never did...

    sooooo....without knowing the model # or anything (I tried googling it and couldn't even find a picture of it...only one in a different color, which is still on the burberry site is the only picture I had)...I asked my sister to visit the burberry store close to her work to see if she could track it down (the closest burberry store to me is more than 3 hours away)...

    she called me as she walked into the store and she proceeded to talk to an SA...the SA knew the item because coincidently...the SA owned it himself and had it with him at the store...but unfortunately the only one in the store was the one owned by the SA :crybaby: BUT....

    the SA checked the computer and found that there were 5 more in the entire company...I instantly gave him my info to start the transaction...there would be no more hesitation!!!

    and now I got my HG!!!

    here's another pic

  4. anybody here yet?
    I don't want to keep all the fun to myself

    here's another pic

  5. open it!!!!! I'm here...
  6. hey kevlovlevis...thanks for stopping by :biggrin:

    here's another pic...any guess?

  7. this next pic will give away WHAT kind of item it is :graucho:

  8. Let's see it!:woohoo:
  9. hey zhenya271...nice to see you in this forum :biggrin:

    BTW...went to TJs in durham again this weekend but left empty handed :P's another pic :yahoo: this might totally give it away!

  10. Big tease! :P

    It's hard to leave that store without a little something, but then I have a full household, I can usually find a little something for the kitchen. I have to get some kind of fix. But then I guess you knew you had bigger things coming your way!:biggrin:
  11. it is...




    i hope it stops raining here so I can take it out!! I'll use it as a bookbag :biggrin:
  12. super cute! love the color!
  13. That's so cute! Congrats on your purchase jayd23! And the color is so cute. :yahoo:
  14. :tup: Wow, it's gorgeous! I love the color.:love:What a perfect bookbag, will be nice for traveling as well! Hope we get some brisk, clear days so you can wear your trench and use your bag! Congratulations, jayd23!Isn't there a fainting emoticon? :smile:
  15. thanks jennarae86 and newpurse...

    I'm soo glad I found it again...this time I made sure it wasn't gonna slip through my fingers again :yahoo: