OMG OMG I think I found (one) of my Grail bags! I need advice! Help!

  1. DISCLAIMER: I am a blue-collar purse girl, and am very new to the higher end brands like Prada. If I say something incorrect about styles or colors, please forgive me!

    I have been obsessed in my hunt for the Prada Gauffre Satchel in the E/W style. I looked everywhere and I think I found one. Ok, actually two! One is camel and one is walnut, and Im ready to buy right now!

    My question is this: What color do you think is prettier? And is 1880 a good price for this bag?

    Any advice is so very much appreciated! TIA!:heart::yes:
  2. I have seen the one on the left and love it. I think it's great for spring. I also love the one on the right, but it might be more of a winter bag?
  3. Yes, $1880. is a good price for this bag, if new! I paid full retail, around $2,400. It's a great bag... As far as colors go, both are lovely but it may depend a little on how you are with your bags and how often you plan to wear it, etc. You might want to consider the darker color if you plan to wear it a lot just to hide minor scuffs and marks, etc. BUT, also seriously consider a color you love!
    Good luck with your choice and send us pics!!
  4. I have the one on the right -- 1880 is what I paid for it on Bluefly last year. It is definitely a winter bag.
    With the thin strap, it bangs a bit on the hip and I really didn't carry it for ages but did today and frankly, am in love with it. I like it better as a satchel.

    I have pics of it in the show us your gaufres thread up top if that helps you -- modelling too !!
  5. ^That looks great on you!
  6. My personal choice would be the one on the left, camel :smile:
  7. if i am not mistaken, that particular walnut (darker brown) has an antik finish, as in the two tone effect to make it look a bit 'antique'. while the lighter colored gauffre over there is one solid colour. i prefer the two-tone gauffres as it adds dimension to the bag in a very nice way.
  8. :drool: that loooks wonderful on you jenskar!