OMG OMG I just bought a Large Lady Dior bag Black w Silver HW

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  1. Last night I was shopping with my friend at David Jones, she was looking for a watch and we just happen to walk pass these big brand boutique stores.... never in my life I thought they would open a Dior store in Melbourne. Never knew they had a boutique Dior store here in Melbourne, Australia!!!! Happy happy joy joy!!! AHHHH!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Will upload pics of my black beauty when I get the chance.

    Tonight will be the first time I will be carrying it and showing it off to my friends!!! yipeeeeeeee
  2. Oohhh how exciting for you, congratulations!

    The Melbourne boutique is the newest in Australia, opened only in November last year, with some new store design features as well. :yes: Now you can do all your Dior shopping locally...! ;)

    I hope you enjoyed your experience in the boutique; just out of curiosity, may I ask who attended to you? :smile:
  3. Thank-you!!!!

    Yes I did enjoyed the experience. However I was disappointed when they said they ran out of boxes and the carry bags :sad: and also when they brought out the bag from the back it was in a dior dust bag and I think they forgot to leave the dust bag for me. A lady name Olivia served me - very nice lady :smile:
  4. Oh I see! So you didn't receive the white dustbag at all? Please don't hesitate to contact the store for assistance!
  5. Nope unfortunately I didnt :sad: still disapointed. I called them up yesterday and they said I would have to come back to pick one up... I thought maybe they placed it inside the bag so I think they just forgot.... now my dior bag is just sitting inside the dior shopping bag with no protection..... feeling sorry for it ... it needs to be in the dust bag atleast as the store cannot provide the boxes yet.... just thinking about it gets be angry!! My head is on fire... wished i had the dust bag atleast as I want the patent material smell to stay strong.... I was going to complain abit how it was unorganised for the store to not supply any boxes but didnt want to be rude
  6. I think you should request for the box as well. If it's not avail now, just let them know you're willing to wait for one and go to pick it up when it arrives. Dior has good customer service, I doubt they'll turn you down.
  7. ^^

    I agree. Definitely ask for a box and dustbag.

    Anyway congrats, can't wait to see some pictures! :smile:
  8. oh boo.... I'm on waiting list for a "box".. They need to order one from Paris.... find it very unorganised that the Dior store in Melbourne cannot provide boxes....
  9. Reveal pls!!!
  10. pictures?!?!
  11. sounds fabulous! i've always loved the lady dior
  12. Reveal please!!
    I'm in love with Lady Dior ;)
  13. Sorry for the wait but I have also purchase the Chanel Maxi Jumbo Black Patent.... please check it out

    here she is....
  14. Oh gosh... how embaressing couldnt upload my pics
    any help please as I am new..? :smile:
  15. you can go to imageshack and upload photos,then post the forum link here
    click " go advanced" to make sure the pics are available

    another method, click " go advanced" and theres "manage attachments " below,click it and upload photos