OMG, OMG I GOT HER TODAY!! Chocolate brown Carly!!

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  1. Ok so someone posted a pic of an all brown Carly and I just had to have her since I am sooo a brown bag person! I have been wanting a Carly forever and didn't want to get the khaki/saddle one cuz I couldn't find a matching wallet for it (yeah totally anal on that one). she is, she just came today!! Bummer though, my SA forgot to ring it up under PCE, so I called the manager and hopefully he can do it over the phone so I won't have to drive down. I don't see why they couldn't since I ordered it over the phone in the first place. Oh and my matching wallet should be here tomorrow from Jax! This is the medium Carly #10619 $348

    Funny thing is I went into another Coach store in Orange County this past Saturday and asked if they had this bag and the lady looked at me like I was smoking crack or something........she said they don't make it in all chocolate brown and I said UH OK sure and then left!

    Anywho, here she is:

  2. :love:Yummy
  3. Beautiful!!!! :drool:
  4. Woohoo!!! Congrats!!!!!
  5. sooo very pretty! thanks for sharing!
  6. Gorgeous!:drool:

    Congrats and enjoy!
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. What a gorgeous bag! Enjoy your yummy Carly!
  9. Nice. :drool:
  10. lovely! like i posted to another user, it really looks good enough to eat! enjoy her!
  11. Very pretty!!
  12. I LOVE IT! :drool: :tup:
  13. beautiful!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Love it! I might have to have one of those now ... I have the large signature cotton chocolate carly & I love it! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy!