OMG OMG! Huge weight just lifted off of my shoulders!!

  1. Ahhhhh, I feel like I could fly right now.

    On June 11 I was caught speeding by one of those lovely radar/picture machine things that they have here in Germany. I was within a city, where the speed limit is 50kmh, and I was going over 80. :shame: I had thought that I already passed the "end of town" sign because there were no more houses, but all of a sudden the red lights started to flash. The stupid machine caught me.

    Well, it's been 3 weeks now and I finally got the letter in the mail. God, I'm so happy!!

    It states that:

    "Sie ueberschritten die zulaessige Hoechstgeschwindigkeit innerhalb geschlossener Ortschaften um 19kmh."

    Basically: You were going 19 kmh over.

    My speedometer showed that I was going around 82, so that would have been 32 over! :yahoo: Thank goodness that those things are never right!

    So, the letter states that I was going 69...This means that I only have to pay a 35 EUR ticket. That's it!! Had my speedometer been right, I would have lost my license for 1 month, would have had to pay a fine of 100+ EUR and would have had to go to some stupid course to refresh my driving skills. :yahoo:

    God, I'm so glad! Bart already had his license taken away for speeding in a construction zone, and the last thing I needed was my license being taken away. Oohhhh, so happy!! I could cry now, lol!

    Alriiiiiiiight :tup:

    Since then I've been driving like a grandma. i never really sped before, but oh well. Everybody makes mistakes. Now I can stop feeling like some sort of criminal and move on with my life. For the past 3 weeks I've been scared of the post man coming to serve me my "sentence" lol!
  2. Oh thank God! :sweatdrop:
  3. Thank goodness.
  4. Yay for unprecise radars!!! :lol: Well, you learned your lesson! I know how strict they are there :yes:

    On another note, I find it fascinating that the sentence "You were going 19kmh over the limit" translates to
    "Sie ueberschritten die zulaessige Hoechstgeschwindigkeit innerhalb geschlossener Ortschaften um 19kmh."
    On holiday I was on a train there in Europe and I noticed a reaaallly long German phrase on the window which translated to Do not open the window! :upsidedown:
  5. Good for you!!!
  6. haha, yeah! Literally it translates to "You surpassed the maximum speed in towns by 19kmh"...But basically, you were too fast, lol :smile:
  7. That is awesome....nothing but a good old fashion speeding ticket to curb your need for speed!! :yes:
  8. Wow - I'm surprised b/c I didn't think there were speed limits in Germany!! Lol..
  9. :woohoo: yay! I'll bet you've had a knot in your stomach for 3 weeks!! Good karma girl :tup:
  10. its the autobans (freeways) that you can go fast on, not the normal roads, that would be deadly.
    i hate those speeding machines, we have ones in the UK that take to photots and theres markings on the road and when you speed it triggers the camera, its like lightening and its really scary.
  11. Thank goodness :smile:
  12. ppl speeding is a very dangerous thing to do...people get killed because of careless people!!!!
  13. thank goodness!

    (does this mean that you have a slow car?)
  14. ooo good job! congrats on getting this finished! damn tickets!
  15. lol, I don't think so :smile: My car keeps up with everybody else on regular roads (where speed limit is 100). I read in a car magazine that the speedometers are never 100% accurate to those stupid Radar machines - and they're usually always under.

    I was reading on some German car forums that they also (can) set a tolerance on those Radar machines. Anywhere from 5 - 10 kmh...And then you get 3 taken off anyway when you get your ticket...So! Yay :biggrin:

    Yes, we all know that. But what I did wasn't careless, it was an honest mistake. The end of town sign was behind overgrown trees, and usually after the last house, you're out of the town. And the speed limits outside of towns here in German is 100 kmh, so I was going significantly less than the speed limit outside of towns.