omg omg and where did my thread go?

  1. did i post it? did i imagine it?

    i just got a call from houston looking to see when my speedy was picked up because----- they have another one for me! he swears it's perfect. (can you imagine if it's not? omg what would i do?) anyway i was thinking that since they are so nice for finding this for me that i should get something else from them. what do you think?

    here's my list:

    pomme 4 keyring (or maybe another color?)
    azur accessories or mini accessories
    etoile bandeau (i have 3 though and have only used 1 so far)

    something else? or nothing at all? help! i am all :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. I would use any excuse you have to buy another item!!! My vote is for the keyring or a cles. Do you have any of the the phone charm? (I want you should get it! :smile:
  3. hmmm, I love the mini accessories.

    I would sau bandeau, but if you're not using the ones you have, scratch that.

    I hope the new one is perfect! Yahoo!

    :whistle: It's a lovely day today, for whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true. :heart:
  4. I vote for the key ring!
  5. mini pochette--will look darling with the speedy, and so useful! :love:
    congrats on the new speedy on it's way.....:wlae:
  6. Mini Pochette!

    btw, you posted the thread in the eBay section, too ;) So you're not imagining things...
  7. ^she's right, so I just closed it for you.
    If you ever want to find a thread/post you made, click on your name and you'll see the option to view threads/posts made by you.
  8. sorry swanky. it was not meant to be a duplicate. i looked for it (didn't even think about clicking my name- eep!) and thought maybe i just closed the window before it was done posting. my mistake.
  9. Cool to know!!! Thanks!!!!

    ps: I vote for mini pochette, sooo fun and practical....;)
  10. no worries!:flowers:
  11. which speedy did you get?:shame:
  12. I vote for something pastilles in the new color! And YAY about getting your new bag