OMG, NWT magenta & lilac works on e-bay

  1. ladies, you gals have absolutely, positively gotta get these bags:wlae:...they're both too beautiful for words & brand new w/tags attached :wtf:...the price on the magenta is pretty steep, but she's so hard to find :tender:...i've gotta lilac work that i totally adore (she's so soft & smooshy)...the color on this one looks just like mine :love:


  2. OMGOMG!!!! I love the magenta work!!!!!!
    too bad i can't afford it now....
  3. Gorgeous bags!!!
  4. gasp!! I really like the magenta one!!
    why is it so expensive?
  5. the lilac is cute... but the seller has 0 feedback... kinda have to think twice :hysteric:
  6. If I hadn't been in such a b-bag frenzy in the past week, I'd probably snap this up! But I bought 2 bags already. =/ This magenta is gorgeous. I have the color in the First but would LOVE it in the work.
  7. OH MY GOD ... I CAN'T STAND IT ... A MAGENTA WORK??????? I can't see it (I can't get into eBay from work) ... AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH :hysteric: :censor: :rant: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much ... ????? When does it end? Who's the seller???
  8. It's $1675 BIN w/ 6 days & some hours left. Seller is raggdoll79. It's beautiful :smile:
  9. Ooooh! They're gorgeous!!! Too bad the seller on the Lilac has 0 feedback. Yikerooni... The Magenta is especially beautiful...wish it wasn't so expensive.
  10. Those are so pretty! :yes: :heart:
  11. very nice! I love the lilac!
  12. i know the magenta seller, she's great
  13. I so want that magenta work. I can't buy another bag till after Aug 18th. i'm going to hope it doesn't sell and then I can buy it =]

    I swear after i get a magenta work I will be done till the spring colors come out. or atleast I hope. LOL
  14. yippy, that would be great if you got it girl, good luck (even though i don't believe your disclaimer at the end!!! :lol:)
  15. Oh you guys have gotta get these bags. I have both the lilac and the magenta in the work size and they are both great.
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