OMG!!! Now I'm truly falling in love!!!

  1. Exactly 10am this morning, I receive another grey First bag from Bal NY. I talked to Kim 2 days ago and sent her the pictures of the bag I bought from NM. She told me she can find the lesser veiny for me and that she will pick the best bag. And she did!!! She also include extra tassels for me as well. :love:

    Okay, so here are the pix. The first two are from NM and the last two are from Bal NY. The leaher from the one from Bal NY is thicker and not shiny and doesn't look like plactic.

    I love the one from NM too and I'm sure I can massage the leather. :P However, the one from Bal NY is truly amazing!!! :heart:

    Now, I'm falling head over heel!!! :king:

    So what do you guys think?!
    IMG_0694.JPG IMG_0696.JPG IMG_0693.JPG IMG_0695.JPG
  2. GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW ...... CONGRATS to this great bag :flowers: ! Enjoy it :love:
  3. Wow, love that color! The one from BalNY looks a tad better, IMO. Enjoy!
  4. i like the one from BalNY alot. i would keep that one if you are deciding between the two.
  5. ^definitely!

    ;) you know i love it!
  6. I agree that the bag from BalNy looks better! Kim did a good job at picking it out for you! :smile:
  7. I like the one from BalNY much better
  8. Congratulations!! They are both gorgeous!!
  9. You know what I've noticed? The First bags seem to be thicker leather and less veiny on the average. I wonder why? They are both gorgeous but I'd also pick the one from Bal NY too.
  10. Well..Bal NY one looks more squishy and soft/....Kim is a wonderful SA there....:yes:
  11. WOW! They are both gorgeous, but hte one from Bal NY is simply divine! Congratulations!
  12. congratulations~~!!its a gorgeous gorgeous color!!!
  13. I wonder, since BalNY says they use lubriderm there...if the SA's are massaging the 06' bags with lubriderm when we call in for a "less veiny" bag?? Funny visual.
  14. loving the BalNY one! 0o0o grey is nice... hehehe :smile: **writes it down on want list***

    :oh: OMG - winona77 - you've got that crazy lady as your advatar! :roflmfao:
  15. i love the's the perfect "neutral". not boring at all. congrats, it's (whichever you choose) beautiful!