OMG now I want the black leather Ali!

  1. Girls, I broke down with some retail therapy and got a new black shirtdress:

    can't you just see this with a gorgeous black leather Ali and killer pumps?? I know my avatar shows otherwise but I went to the Coach boutique today and while they don't have it in black I know how heavenly this bag is and it's in my shopping cart. Do you think this shoulder style would look better with this dress (and still understated for interviewing) rather than a satchel? :confused1:
  2. My answer will forever be yes regarding the Ali in black....I adore mine and it is a very nice and classy bag. I like that dress too....where is it from?
  3. ^^ Nordstrom's Classiques line. I know, I went head over heels for the Ali tonight...gotta sleep on it!
  4. OK I lied, not sleeping on it...I'm getting the black leather Ali - wooo hooooooooooo.
  5. The black leather ali is gorgeous and will look amazing with that dress (sooo cute btw). I can't wait to see pics of the outfit!!!! I'm glad that you're getting her!!
  6. lol i love how we try to justify our purchases
  7. ^^ LOL yeah I gave up trying. It just is and gonna happen...

    I'll post pix when she arrives!
  8. Congrats on your Ali! I love mine! You will love carrying her!
  9. The black Ali will look great with that dress. I own a black Ali and it is AWESOME. Post pics!! :yes:
  10. I picked up a black Ali for PCE and she is just gorgeous! It is the only black bag I own and think it may be the only one I need--it's just so versatile!

  11. LOL!! Congrats on your Ali!!
  12. Congrats, I love the Ali! BTW that is a great dress!
  13. Great dress and good choice with the Ali!!!
  14. Congrats on the beautiful dress and the also beautiful black Ali! She's a classic bag that you'll love forever.
  15. Congrats of getting the black Ali. This is an awesome bag and you will get so much use from it.