OMG now I know what they hype is about - come see 05 Weekender!

  1. Wowser is the only words I can describe for this bag. Its an 05 Bordeaux weekender and I am trully lost for words!

    First weekender and boy did I get lucky!

    I still haven't come down from a high yet - I now get what you all go on about of the 05s leather - woser wowser wowser....

    She is called Kiki (short for Chianti!)hee hee I am sad!
  2. Oh my,
    that is one amazing looking bag :biggrin:

    I love Kiki lol, she is a stunner
  3. Welcome to the world of WE :yahoo: and she is a beauty :drool: CONGRATS!
  4. Wow Great color. Congrats!!!
  5. aw thanks guys - sure it wont be the only one!!

    Hee hee how many weekenders can a girl have???
  6. soooo beautiful! :drool::drool::drool:
  7. I love the leather and the rich color. Drink up your new vino!
  8. Ooh la la! Trés jolie!!!
  9. merci!
  10. Congrats!!! I agree the leather is yummy. Modeling pics :graucho:??
  11. :drool::drool::drool: wowser indeed! Your pics do it so much more justice than ever! CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing color and leather! ;):p:tup:
  12. secret, congrats on your bordeaux WE!:yahoo: the 05 addiction has begun for you. i see more in your future. i have 7 05 bbags! it's definitely a great year!
  13. aw thanks Mintpearl - she doesn't need the pics to do her justice she just needs to be there!

    Trully amazing - I am trully stunned!

  14. Esile

    Wow 7 - you are my idol!

    Will take me a while to get there
  15. Beautiful bag!!!!