OMG....No padlock on my damier speedy!!

  1. I'm soooo sad!! This is the worst week ever:crybaby: ! First my car engines broken, then my purse was stolen (w/ the mobile, $$cash)..........

    Anyway,my bf brought home a big LV box today. Yes~~its a damier speedy 25 for my b'day (next month):yahoo: !!My first speedy ever, i was soo excited!!! Then I opened the box, and theres NO padlock in the box!!!! OMG.....I'm so pissed :cursing: Why WHY did it happen to me?!?!
  2. I am so sorry to hear about your bad luck. It was so sweet of your bf to bring you a present. I hope all works out for you.
  3. You had your purse stolen? Omg, that's terrible :crybaby: , was it an LV?

    I'm sure LV will happily give you a lock for your Damier Speedy :yes:
  4. Its really not a big deal...go to the Lv store...and explain..Im sure it was a mistake,
  5. Its not tragic, they will give you one! The SAs forget ALL THE TIME to put the locks with the bags. Speedies do not come shipped with a lock. The SAs have to add one at the time of purchase. It happens to me ALL the time.
    Dont freak out!! Breath! :smile:
  6. can't you just be thankful that you got a Damier Speedy for your birthday?
  7. just ask them for a padlock.
  8. thank you guys......So i just go to the LV store tomorrow, :s and ask them to give me the padlock?? Should i bring the box too???

    MissL, no...its not a LV (Thank GOD...:sweatdrop: ), but i had $700 cash and a brand new mobile phone in the bag!!!! i was gonna use that money to fix my car.....:crybaby:
  9. I'm sure they'll understand and give you a brand new lock and key set. :o) No worries. I'm sorry some creep stole your purse, that's horrible! But, your boyfriend is the sweetest for buying you a damier speedy! That's one on my wishlist.
  10. Just say that you received a damier speedy and there was no lock...bring the receipt too as it states on the receipt IF the lock was given at time of sale. It is not inside the bag:shame:
  11. Just your luck.. did you kiss someone and transferred your luck to that person some how?
  12. ^^hehe, forgot to say, yes!! He is the sweetest, i love him to death:love: !!! He knows that i've wanted a speedy for ever!!!
    Now I feel kinda bad that i didnt do anything when his motorcycle was stolen a few weeks ago....:Push:

    Yess....the bad luck has hit our household lately......:hysteric:
  13. you're sooooooo lucky you got a damier speedy 25 from your boyfriend. darn that thief for stealing your wallet and mobile phone! smile dearie! you have a new bag to take out for a spin! advance happy birthday too!
  14. Bonjour, I have bought an LV DAMIER 30 a week ago and I noticed, back home, they had forgotten to give me the padlock. I gave them a call and 2 days later I received 2 padlocks !
  15. Thank you are soooo sweet:yes: !!!! I feel so much better now....

    Oh...BF also got me a new Pink Inclusion Speedy Key Chain!!!I'll post pics after i get the padlock~~~~