Omg No Marine Day W/ Regular Hardware?>??

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  1. Daphne just said that they didn't even order the marine day with regular hardware???!!!! Will Barney's have it???
  2. Oh no, that's terrible. Marine would be a great color for a day bag.

    The first shipment to Boston area Barneys did not include any marine bags. For some reason they did not order any blue bags in the fall (blueberry or BI) so I hope the Barneys' buyer's aversion to blue does not continue this season.
  3. Did they ever open those boxes from yesterday?? Is the marine in yet?? Day w/ regular hardware in marine..what about other colors??
  4. all she said they got in in the day w/ regular hardware was cafe.
  5. oh my gosh..sorry you didn't get your bag you wanted, I thought you wanted a city in marine?? No?? The cafe looks really pretty too!!
  6. I just ordered a first in cafe and a money wallet in cafe..she said it is stunning so I trust her because you know I can't return anything ever again!! Have you thought about cafe?? My impatient self had it overnighted!!
  7. I don't really do browns. I bet it's pretty though. I'm debating on the marine day with *gasp* giant hardware, or a mini-bowler in black???
  8. I honestly honestly think the bag in your signature is beautiful..I think you should go for it, I think the GH looks good on the dark colors:smile::smile:
  9. I agree, that bag is stunning :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. uh oh, this makes me think that the Marine may just be as popular as the Ink and maybe a little hard to find???
  11. just fyi, joseph told me they weren't getting the brief in seagreen with giant hardware, but someone purchased one SOMEWHERE. So just because they're not getting it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  12. GAH, what to do???? I really like the look of the one in my signature too, and I like the new-ish shape as well......

    what to do???? giant hardware on marine or mini bowler in black???
  13. here it is.

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  14. I actually love the gold hw on some of the colors of the Day bags. I just got the Cafe yesterday & the Naturel in it today. I'm expecting the black in it tomorrow. My DH actually likes it too (and he doesn't like any of my other Bbags). It's really stunning on the Day and it really looks pretty on the Marine Day in your pics. I would give it a chance. There has been some bad press on the gold hw in this forum but I was pleasantly surprised when I received the Cafe in it & then WOW'd when I received the naturel today. It is really is pretty in smaller doses & because the Day bag is so long, the gold isn't overwhelming on it and really is a nice change. I love the Day style (I have 5 in other colors with regular hw) and am very pleased with the leather and the new hw.
  15. I just ordered the you love it?? I think from the pics the color is amazing!!