Omg Nigel Barker Came To My Workplace!!

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  1. I walked right by him getting all powdered up!!!! The man is sooo hot. Too bad I didn't remember to get a photo but I just had to share!!!!!! He is jsut as handsome in person!
  2. wow! where do you work?
  3. Wow! Lucky you!!! I would have died right there. haha, ditto to tomato4's questions!
  4. he is gorgeous
  5. He's gorgeous!
  6. that man is so hot!!!! :drool:
  7. your so lucky!! I think he is so handsome
  8. someone post a pic, I don't know who he is :shame:
  9. Yep, he is truly YUMMY!
  10. :drool:
  11. LOVE him!!!!!!!! How exciting for you!
  12. Hee hee...gotta love the unexpected!
  13. oooooooooh him! duh! yes he is one fine piece of man candy!
    thanks for posting SimplyElegant!
  14. :drool: