Omg New Utah!!!

  1. Dig the new Utah bags on the Louis Vuitton website . . . the carryall is now available in Utah! And it's BEAUTIFUL!
  2. are you talking about the special edition for this car thing hapening in hungary and vienna??

    I personally dont love it, but like it....

    the prize is pretty high, thoug...
  3. Nope, this is a regular Utah bag. It's on Men > Luggage > Utah > Carryall
  4. I saw it-the carryall is gorogeous, and I also really like the new Omaha messenger.
  5. The Omaha is gorgeous. Any idea on pricing? (of both)
  6. the carryall is over $2k $1.5 ish for the Omaha $1.7ish for the Wichita, $1kish for the Yuma
  7. the ish means like give or take $20, lol but its in that area
  8. U REALLY think 1.7 for omaha? the old messenger is about $1890 or $1980 I belive (Its one of those) U really think the omaha and wichita (which is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!) are gonna be priced lower? I'd say at least the same price for each. BTW are these seasonal pieces or part of the permanent line? utah is permanents right?
  9. The Wichita 1,667.26 USD
    and Omaha 1,438.73 USD. These are the prices converted from the UK prices posted on the Uk LV site. So yes, they are gonna be cheaper than the Utah Messenger. Which I love.:yes:
  10. Well looking at the French site, they are cheaper in Euros so yeah, i do believe they will be cheaper, they wont be the same since the Wichita is bigger and has another pocket than the Omaha... utah is permanents, and I am sure these will become permanent

    the old messenger is 1270 euros which when i convert it myself i get $1,876.00 when it retails for $1,890.00

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  11. The last time I was in the store, there was a yellow tobago carryall. It was sooo scrumptous (I have a thing for yellow).

    I wish Vuitton would make a handbag in yellow tobago.
  12. what does tobago have to do with Utah?
  13. O wow thanks for the confirmation Matt and troya! Those are BEAUTIFUL pieces, i think I may pick up a wichita, when do these come into stores?
  14. You sure the carryall is 2k+? It's only 1300 Euros, same as the Tobago, which retails for $1850 in the US.