OMG! New "Tan" Spring '08 Muse Is Here!

  1. Beverly Hills YSL Store just emailed me pics of the new Spring Muse Bags that just arrived. The TAN COLOR IS TO DIE FOR! It is SUBLIME.... SA said it is done in a new leather for the Muse Bag. A very soft, luxurious leather- not "slouchy" just very soft to the touch. I am getting one next week; right now they have the "Oversized" in- I think that bag looks like carry-on luggage-I am waiting for the Large. SO EXCITED! It is the PERFECT COLOR FOR SPRING/SUMMER!!! The other two are patent leather- Ivory and a color I can not even describe....
  2. Do you mind posting the pics? I can't wait to see!
  3. Hi-

    Here is the picture. Feel free to lust away...
  4. I.want.I.want.Iwant.
  5. Oooh these all gorgeous.
  6. Yesterday I saw the Capri Flap in leather - I wonder if it's the same type of leather? You're not kidding when you say luxurious! It was so soft and thick and I loved it. It's the kind of leather you want to touch all the time.
    Congrats - I can't wait for you to get it!
  7. WOW. Beautiful.
  8. That new color is great; more of a warm yellow really, but not an in-your-face bright yellow.

  9. They're sooo beautiful. I wish there was a really small version of this bag.
  10. You're right, Cosmopolitan- it does have a slight orange/yellow undertone. Like the trim on LV Bags and Luggage when they have aged and get that lovely patina.
    There is also a PINK LEATHER MUSE BAG out for Resort/Spring. But I saw it in the San Francisco Boutique and, Oh Dear...How Unfortunate. That's all I'll say about it. I'm being polite.
  11. Woohoo! I'm loving the new tan ... it's buttery. I may have to stop in BH YSL and check out the O/S. The two patent Muse colors look odd in the pic. Have to see them in person.

    Thanks for sharing!
  12. :yes: I agree, "butterscotch" is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the color. Very nice!
  13. Ladies - I went to YSL BH to check the new spring Muses. The tan isn't as butterscotch (thanks for that! it's the perfect choice) in person. The leather is 'nomad leather' instead of buffalo leather -which according to my SA means the leather is more processsed. Which it was -- it's incredibly soft and smooth textured.

    The deal killer for me was the inside is light colored suede with a pochette! I love the black satin interiors of the Muse as well as the zipper pocket and phone pocket. I wasn't willing to spend $1,795, knowing I'd have pen marks all over that bag within hours.

    However ... I did leave with the GREY PATENT O/S MUSE. GORGEOUS!
  14. Hmm....No zipper pockets, and a pochette? What does it look like? Could you post pics of your new Patent Leather Muse? Inside as well, if possible. I would love to see it!!!

    I really want that tan color Muse, but a POCHETTE? I don't get it!! Did you deal with Geoffrey at YSL? He is so sweet. The man knows EVERYTHING about The Muse Bags!
  15. Yes, Geoffrey helped me! He was awesome and will be the only YSL SA I'll deal with. The inside of the new Tan is butter-colored suede (nubuck Geoffrey said) with an attached pochette (b/c there's no cell phone pocket or zipper pocket). Since I love the traditional satin interior with its phone pocket and zipper pocket, I passed on the Tan.