OMG! New styles are copied already!!!!

  1. OMG! OMG! There are fake versions of these bags including those that we haven't even seen yet (Maggie, Hudson, Trish, Karen, etc)! These are horrible fakes, I won't be surprised if there are better versions out there. All of us MUST be extremely careful when buying from unreliable sources -- don't assume that new styles aren't faked yet.

    (link posted in TFS)
  2. That's horrible! These people are unbelievable. How could they have gotten a hold of the bags and copied them so quickly? I was looking at a Piolina on eBay and thought it looked fishy. I thought I must be wrong because it's still relatively new.

    We really have to be careful....
  3. :sick: :sick:
  4. yikes !!
  5. Yeah, I even saw a Venetia bag at a shoe repair place!
  6. this is scary gals.....
  7. :yucky: Those fakes look like hot you know what ugggghhhhh...
  8. Yuck!:yucky:
  9. Ohmigosh, that is so sad ...
  10. A total disgrace:yucky:
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