OMG!!! new MC keyring is mine!

  1. well first of all i dont live near an LV so my SA at the Dallas Galleria caled me and said they receieved 1 of the new mc fleur keyring! only one and its all mine!!! :yahoo::wlae: of course it has to be sent to me so talk about torture! out of everything new coming out this summer, this is what i wanted the sooo excited!!!
  2. Congratulations, Do you have a pic of it.
  3. Congrats glad you got the one thing you wanted this summer.
  4. Congrats
  5. congrats! I would love to see a pic.
  6. congrat! post pix!
  7. :yahoo: That's awesome! Congratz!
  8. Congrats!! What's it look like?
  9. Can't wait to see a pic!!
  10. congrats, lets see pics.
  11. Congrat's, cant wait to see pic's.
  12. Congrats, this is very exciting! Be sure to share some pics with us soon!
  13. Congrats!
  14. Ohhhh...I gotta call my SA...I NEED this NOW!!!!!
  15. when it arrives?