OMG, new iridescent studs!!!

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  1. Have you guys seen the new studded bags for pre-order? I think I may have to get a second Rocco in black, just for the new studs :graucho:

    Here's a Diego for pre-order.
  2. Haha, that's pretty cool looking.. don't know if I'd love it forever, but definitely a unique touch for now :smile:
  3. That's awesome!!!! Want one :P
  4. I love those!! I hope they will come on a Rocco!
  5. That is pretty cool!
    It would look lovely on a lighter colored bag for the summer.
  6. I like the new studs a lot! Thanks for the post.
  7. Oh my, I am in love! Need! Want! (Ooh and apparently Neiman Marcus is finally shipping to Australia which is an added bonus)
  8. oooh that's cool! can't wait to see what other styles/colors it'll come in.
  9. haha, i have a clippa that would match perfectly. lol.
  10. I saw a pic on instagram of the iridescent studs on a rockie and rocco as well also I think they'll be available on more colours than just black!
  11. These are cool! I think I would like it with a bright color more than black, though. Also, I'd worry about durability ie scratching/peeling, etc.
  12. I am the odd ball here ... I don't like this new feature at all. It takes the 'edge' off of the edgy feel that most AW bags have with the studs. The iridescent studs remind me of those mardi gras beads.
  13. Rockie with iridescent studs? Ding ding ding! :woot:
  14. I have never been a fan of oil slick things. I think that these will look cheap on lighter colors. It looks ok with the black.
  15. I "brake" for iridescent and holographic things. Even before the new craze which has been brewing in the fashion world.

    I could not be more excited for these studs. I can't picture them on anything but black, however, I would love to see what they can come up with, color combo-wise ;)