OMG! New fine jewelry - Les Elegantes!

  1. WOW...all I can say is WOW...I LOVE THIS NEW FINE JEWELRY LINE!!!

    Pearls and diamonds = :drool: I ESPECIALLY love the pink pearl/brown diamonds/white diamonds/white gold only one day I can afford the whole set!!

    Pink set - pink pearl, brown diamonds, white diamonds
    Blue set - white pearl, sapphires, white diamonds
    Black set - Tahiti pearl, white diamonds

    So much detail in these pieces! Too bad the prices are WAY WAY WAY over my budget!! LOL! At least they're good to drool over!

    Enjoy! :tup:
    pink pendant.jpg elegantes rings.jpg elegantes earrings.jpg elegantes pendants.jpg
  2. OMG those are amaing! I love the pink! I am a pink girl! My LV is small and we don't have anything! No shoes, no jewelry, no NOTHING! I only get to see stuff like this when we go to Vegas!
  3. Gorgeous!!!!
  4. Phew, I'm glad I'm not a pearl person. hehe.
  5. Gorgeous pieces, but too rich for me! :smile:
  6. wowza! those are beautiful!
  7. The rings are pretty.
  8. WOW the prices!!! lol they are beautiful though :smile:
  9. I usually like pearls, but they don't really appeal to me on this jewelry. Maybe they'll grow on me once I see more pics. :hrmm:
  10. Very pretty! :yes:
  11. very pretty but very $$$ :sweatdrop:
  12. I know! I saw those pearl rings are they so tdf... my dream is to one day own a very expsensive charm or one of those rings. :smile:
  13. Those are gorgeous :drool: But ouch, the prices...
  14. oh gosh when I look at the prices of fine jewellry from LV sometimes I double check if I read well haha
    But indeed so much detail is amazing I love those black pearls
  15. oh wow. they are gorgeous