OMG New Elle Chanel bags and jewelry

  1. OMG my Elle arrived today and I have so many little stickeys on the whole mag - Chanel jewelry and bags amazing . . . how come all the bags I like are $3,000? :yes: Like, I like that little bag, oops its python :yes: Great jewelry pieces - love them all!
  2. Is this in the Feb or March issue???
  3. March - its a thick one :yes:
  4. I can't wait to get my copy!! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Oooo! Can't wait to get mine!
  6. I was looking at the magazine last night. Lots of goodies to drool over.
  7. Oh I can't wait.
  8. Lots of Chanel goodies featured in that Elle! The Reissue 2..55 with lucky charms on the Chanel ads & Elle's. OMG, the price is like from 5K+ to 6K!!!
  9. oh! be sure to scan pictures in please!
  10. Yes, someone please scan! :yes:
  11. I didn't get that issue yet....I still have Feb's!!!! I can't wait to see it!!!
  12. Here are all the Chanel items I could find in the magazine.. i did screen captures so sometimes the price got cut off.. but ask and i shall tell! enjoy!

    1. [​IMG]

    2. [​IMG]

    3. [​IMG]

    4. [​IMG]

    5. [​IMG]

    there are about 6 more but imageshack is being a big pain right now..
  13. 6. [​IMG]

    7. [​IMG]

    8. [​IMG]

    9. [​IMG]

    there are 3 more, but imageshack is still being a big pain :hysteric:
  14. thanks for the awesome pic dukechickie!
  15. cool!Thanks for posting the pics!