OMG..NEW Autumn bag??

  1. I was browsing throgh to see the new cruise collection in fasion show section but they didnt have it so I went to ready to wear.. and what? Autumn? so I think to myself is it the new autumn? why is it so soon???... well ofcourse I click on it, and :nuts: it is the new ready to wear but to be more exicted! the model holding the new autumn bag!!! which I never! ever! see it any where!?!?!
    cansome one please crop the pictures and post it here..
    just wanted to shear with you guys!

    I do like the bag though! :wlae::wlae:
  2. do you mean this one?

    dior autumn.JPG
  3. YES! that one, thanks!!!
  4. you're welcome!

    here's another pic but different color:

    dior autumn 2.JPG
  5. one more:

    dior autumn 3.JPG
  6. ^ dior is helping me save my money this autumn, to put it nicely. the bag looks fendi spy bag-ish to me, so i'm not a keen trooper.
  7. I really like them.
  8. It's a nice bag, but I don't think I'd spend over $1000 on it. I'd have to see it in person. I love the clothes, though.
  9. ITA. dior is helping me with keeping my bagban:heart::yahoo::heart:
  10. not my style but i actually like it ( ITA zero hun Fendish bag ! ) ...but not enough to splash out on it :nogood:
  11. i'll partially retract my statement by saying, i LOVE the clothes!

    thank god i'm too much of a lumpy sack to fit into them or my wallet is going to implode.
  12. i agree, :tdown: on these bags

  13. ITA clothes are beautiful, but the shoes for me this fall ? :sad:
  14. The bag looks really nice, but I guess it is similar to the Fendi Spy and does that ruching remind anyone else of the Miu Miu Coffer?
  15. the last picture of the model in the black capped sleeve dress, well the shoes there are pretty nice. :yes: heh, this can only mean nat, that you can buy those louboutins & manolos with abandon since dior isn't going to be contending for a/w. :graucho: