OMG! Never happened before- charge back

  1. Couple days ago I sold a emilymessenger bag. It went for a good price around 15 dollars. I sent it one week ago with priority mail and delivery confirmation.

    Today I opened my paypal account and it said that there was an issue with my account. There was a closed judgement against me with the money taken out of my account with "suspected fraud". I ALREADY SENT THE ITEM THAT I PAID FOR BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. How could they have ruled against me without even asking me or whatever,
  2. Oh sorry this has happened to you it happened to me recently also. I shipped LV item to confirmed address & they have still taken my money!! It is a nightmare!! Item gone & money gone! I am still awaiting the outcome of mine I have sent to Royalmail to get proof of delivery which Paypal requires before deciding the case. I am not hopeful of getting money back. This happened to me before only last time it was my own fault i shipped to unconfirmed address, this time the owner of account sai it was fraudulent use of credit card probably a bust up in a relationship. It is so hard to know on eBay right now, so many crooks there my only advice to you is only to ship to confirmed address or if in a country where address cannot be confirmed like Australia then be sure there is substantial good feedback.
  3. All I can think of is if someone paid with a stolen credit card. Maybe some of the other girls can provide more help.
  4. Maybe they filed it and I never saw it. I swear I have been in my paypal account almost every day and it never warned me of a claim.

    This so very sucks. I have proof of delivery confirmation and I lost a bag that got stares in Japan and everyone asked me where I bought it.
  5. So basically its MY Fault if they use a stolen credit card. I LOSE THE MERCHENDISE and the MONEY?

    No more selling anymore. Only buying. With the rate it is going, I'm going to lose my money.
  6. If you have proof of delivery then send it to Paypal & they will disallow the claim
  7. I looked, it was a confirmed address.
  8. Does it work if the claim is already closed? I swear I never saw a warning of it. Let me go hunt my certification. I put it in my safe just in case.
  9. aw crap I might have thrown them away because the person already recieved it. darn it I knew this was going to happen. Its my own fault.
  10. FOUND IT!!!!!!
    Should I call them (Are they 24 hours?) or are they sucky enough not to have customer service number
  11. Here's their phone number:

    PayPal Customer Service Agents are available to help you from 4:00 AM PST to 10:00 PM PST every day.

    For general PayPal account inquiries, please call us toll-free at:
  12. Apparently heres the gist. The claim wasn't even filed until today, it has been closed automatically. I can't get a Human being for paypal. I can't get an actual email address for paypal. It says that they have "already done enough investigation into it" so I'm out of the bag, out of the money, and I have confirmation reciept saying she got it last week.
  13. Paypal s*cks!

    I know it's a real downer but be greatful it was only $15. It could have been much worse.

    Personally I've been in this situation twice! The first time the buyer was in the US and the address was confirmed. A MONTH after the transaction took place, Paypal reversed the money because they suspected the transaction was fraudulent! The buyer confirmed with me she indeed made the transaction, and that she would sort out the problem with Paypal. Nothing! I lost $300!

    The second time happened a few months ago. This time the buyer's address was not confirmed. But the buyer had already left me feedback to say she had received the jeans and loved it. Did Paypal care? No! They saw the transaction has fraudulent, so they refunded the money! Luckily, the buyer was in the same state as me and so I threatened to call the police! She claimed it to be a mistake - because she didn't have enough money in her account - that may be true, but I could have lost another $300 had she not have been close by.

    So yeah, I definitely learned my lesson. Paypal s*cks! It's a real pain, and I completely understand your frustration. If the buyer is near by, try to get them to pay again, otherwise if possible get the authorities involve.

    Good luck!

  14. ?????

    That is bad news if they can close it automatically like that!!!

    Write a letter to your congressman/woman. A lot of states are bringing class action lawsuits against paypal for acting like a bank but not following state and federal laws that credit card companies/banks must follow. If anything you may be able to find out how to get in on the class action lawsuit (and get your money back in 2 to 3 years).
  15. We had this issue with a seller in Italy a few months ago - We were returning a sweater that was a total fake - we shipped the sweater back to Italy as per the sellers instructins - got recepit of delivery and the seller wouldn't refund the money. After 4 months of back and forth, closed and reopen cases with paypal and eBay - the seller is keeping the sweater and our money and it's too late to do a charge back from our bank.

    So much for following Paypal's rules! Next time I'll just do a charge back before shipping the items back. It was completely ridiculous and a loss of almost $500 between shipping and actual item costs.