Omg.. Need a new shoulder bag! Advice!


Which one shall I get! Need a cute shoulder bag!

  1. A. Chelsea Signature Flap (brown)

  2. B. Ergo Flap (brown)

  3. C. Chelsea Optic Flap (black)

  4. D. Ergo Hobo (brown)

  5. E. Something else! (around 200-270 range..)

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  1. Hello fellow tPF! I AM soooooooo glad tPF is back uppppp!! I've been trying to get the lovely opinions of the tPF for the past couple days!! T-T

    Anyways!! I'm stuck on which purse I should get.. Here are my choices.

    A. Chelsea Signature Braided Flap

    B. Ergo Signature Flap

    C. Chelsea Optic Signature Flap

    D. Ergo Hobo

    E. None of the above. Suggest something! :biggrin:

    A little note.. A/B.. I would have to spend a little extra more.. but if it's worth it.. I would definitely do that..:heart::heart:
  2. HI!!! I was freaking out at TPF being down too :'(
    WELL! I am planning on buying an ergo hobo in chocolate siggy because well that's what I want!! BUT! I adore the little flaps as well and I was looking at those in all fabrics because I kind of want one next. Keep in mind the Ergo will be lighter weight, and have deceptively more room than the others because of the way it is designed. So if you want a smaller bag that can hold as much as other medium sized, go for the ergo.

    You have to decide on whether you want the hobo or a flap and what would work better for you. Flaps can be dressed up a LOT easier, hobos are great for daily/work use and are very adorable. In leather they can look very dressy especially the belted kind!

    I am biased because the ergo shape is more visually appealing to my eye, so since I'm already getting a hobo I would get the ergo flap.

    The Chelsea flap is gorgeous because of the braiding, it makes it a little more special.

    Plus, what color scheme and fabric are you after? Leather, sig, black, brown, plum, etc??? That can matter a lot because some look better a certain way.
  3. My vote goes towards the Ergo Signature Flap because of the flap, spacious interior, and the back open pocket.
  4. I'm not usually a big fan of optic but I really like that one!!! :tup: Second vote is for ergo hobo... but my first vote would be for a Chelsea signature hobo!!!! I have one in the large (there is a smaller size too) and it is a great all around bag. I think you need to also decide if a flap will bother you, etc. Let us know what you decide! :tup:
  5. I say A or D. I like both but it depends on what you're looking for exactly...
  6. Well Im not a smaller bag person, but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be the chelsea optic flap bag. It seems a little roomier and has a more interesting shape to it than the rest of the bags. Let us know what you decide!
  7. I love the ergo hobo..
  8. I would pick the D. Ergo Hobo is gorgeous :heart:
  9. I was wondering!

    Does the ergo hobo get bulky? I hate how the soho hobos get bulky cuz everything just sinks to the bottom and gets all fat.. does the ergo get like that? It seems to me it's a big more structured than soho..

  10. My vote goes for Ergo Hobo!!!!
  11. D. Ergo Hobo !!
  12. I also had to go with the Ergo Hobo. I think the signature print in chocolate is nice on that bag.
  13. I would go for the Ergo Hobo, but probably in leather instead of signature. If you have your heart set on signature, I think the dark brown color you picked is the best. Let us know what you get!!
  14. oooh seeing this post again makes me want the chocolate ergo hobo, I just used my khaki/brass one today and I love it!!! Would be so nice in another color!!!
  15. I own the medium Ergo hobo in chocolate signature and the Soho large hobo in khaki/tobacco!!!!!!!! YES the Soho hobo gets bulky and everything sinks to the bottom!!!!! (I still LOVE that bag though!!!!) BUT, I have to say, in defense of the Ergo hobo....this does not happen AT ALL!!!!!! The Ergo hobo has a nice shape to it and is a bit more structured than the Soho hobo which just slouches down. The Ergo hobo will also sit up on it's own, and form it's own slouch w/ use! Hope this helps! Best of luck w/ your decision!!!