OMG!! NAP received new shippment of edith

  1. I just received a email from NAP, they will ship out my edith asap!! they told me they should arrive at MAy but now.. its one month eariler than expected!!

    I am excited!! :love:
  2. that's wonderful!! Congrats!
  3. I cant wait!!!
  4. yay! what colors did they get in. Not that i'm getting another one! my bank account can only handle one!
  5. Same here mercer, on your bank account comment. Are they getting any turquoise Edith shipments in?
  6. Kip, yes, they are getting turquoise in but no shipdate. I sent them an inquiry last week and this is all they could tell me.
  7. I put my name on waitlist around 1 month ago , they told me they are expecting turquoise and Whiskey at May but seems like the shippment arrived yesterday already, just send a email to NAP special order department !!