Omg My Worst Gift Ever!!!!!!

  1. OMG I'm sure everyone got a gift they did not like but mine has got to be the WORST OF THE WORST..... Get this, my mother got me a gift bag full of @#%*. A 6 pack of Cup of Noodles, a cheap bottle of Olive Oil, a can of tuna salad with crackers, a bottle of strawberry jelly, and a gingerbread candle. This wasn't a gag gift either. She was really serious too. I can't believe a 6 pack of Cup of Noodles! What the hell was she thinking??? :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. Yikes...if it makes you feel better, I didn't get anything from my mom for Christmas!
  3. and if it makes BOTH of you feel better we got NOTHING from my inlaws as well!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh, wow. I usually try to find the bright side but having difficulty here. Well, she got you a gift and they say it's the thought that counts. Yeah? Do you and your mom not get along? Is she an eccentric type or is she worried that you don't have enough to eat or something? Are these her favorite things to have around the house? I'm sorry that this is so disappointing. Can you go out tomorrow and get yourself a little something to cheer yourself up? A charm maybe? Or perhaps there's another Christmas memory that you can focus on to cheer you up? You always have us! LOL!
  5. I was about to ask the same thing. Are you and your mom on good terms? I can't imagine why a mother would give their daughter such a gift. I don't want to seem ungrateful but I would have preferred nothing over the items you were given.
  6. Yeah that's pretty bad! Sorry!!
  7. putting on flame suit, but maybe whether or not we got what we wanted, we are lucky to be among family, healthy and have money for food, regardless??......
  8. Aw, no need for a flame suit! I do agree with you. I imagine the OP will settle down in time after she's gotten to vent a little. Initially it would be hard to open a gift like that and not understand the reason behind why it was given. Being the optimist that I am, I usually come full circle when I'm disappointed by something and I'll bet the OP will too. I just bet it stings a little at first. KWIM?
  9. Yes, that is a weird gift. Could she be worried about your eating habits or something?
  10. (hugs) maybe she just need some hints for next time. on a brighter note all the items can be consumed and so no wastage here lol. u can always donate all of it if u really do not use them :smile:
  11. My parents usually get me something nice but then my mom has to add a whole bunch of little crap. I got a stocking full of fruit and Post-it notes and nuts and candy and some brushes for cleaning my ceiling fans and the one that takes the cake is a little plastic lowrider car that plays music and bounces around. WTF? I told my mom I didn't even want to take it home. Why would I want that? I guess she just thought it was funny and had to give it to somebody. I really wish my mom wouldn't waste money on the silly stuff though. I don't need it. It think she just wants to feel like she's giving me more.
  12. IMHO, you are very lucky to have recieved anything from your Mom. Mine's been dead for 7 years and I would give ANYTHING to get even a phone call from her.
  13. ^^^awww speedy. Yes the difinitely puts things in perspective...
  14. My Mom died 6 years ago and I can remember laughing at a few of the gifts she gave me, how I wish I had her around to give me anything.
  15. so weird, why not just give you a cheap wall or table decoration, LOL! it makes no sense. I hope you reacted nicely and not in shock with a "wtf" look on your face.:roflmfao: