OMG, my Spiaggia Bambino came! WOOT.

  1. OMG, I was SO pissed off because the STUPID POST MAN didn't give me my bags when he came earlier today. I had a hold mail thing but it was for TOMORROW, not TODAY -- jacka$$! I even saw it in his stupid lil car thingie! Then I checked online at and it said that HE CAME AND LEFT ME NOTIFICATION and he DID NOT DO ANY SUCH THING! I was PISSED. I called the post office and it took the guy 15 mins to find my stinking packages! He then said I could pick it up now..cuz they closed in like 30 I went there..and it took them 15 mins to give me my stinking packages!!!

    Good part: TWO OF MY BAGS CAME IN!!! My Bambino Spiaggia & my regular toki bag!!




    Close up of MY HAPPY UNICORN!!!!!!

    Side One

    Side Two

    My toki bag from

    WOOOOOOOOOOOT. I'm happy now!
  2. Congrats Jess!! And you got your unicorn in THREE places!! :yes:
  3. Thank you Maya :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: I know, I was surprised to see he appeared 3 times! Even if he isn't perfect on two sides...he's still there!! YAYYYYYYYY.
  4. Oh cute! I love the unicorn, it's like "wth is a unicorn doing on a beach????" Hilarious!
  5. Didn't you know we have alot of unicorns here in Hawaii? LOL. I rode one to the post office.
  6. Congrats Jess!:party: Glad you were able to get your Toki bags before the fumigation! Stupid USPS:cursing:
  7. Thanks ^__^ and..I know, right! I was so bummed out when I thought it didn't reach my city. My cousin even told me he thought he saw my name on two packages when the post man came. But that dumb post man idiot must have not even read the hold mail thing...for the date on it. I hate that dumb postman, I like our other one "Ben"....that other guy, he was on his phone last time taking his sweet ass time, when I needed my paycheck and he went around the block cuz he couldn't get his ass out of the thing and walk cuz of construction. I tracked him down and he basically told me to wait til he got there. BEEYOTCH. I should have trusted my cousin and went to the post man and said something, then I would have been much happier lol.

    But it's OK...I got my unicorn!!! :biggrin:

  8. Jess, you crack me up!!
  9. :biggrin: haha yes! we have dozens of unicorns here! I picked one up at the swapmeet last weekend! lol.
  10. Aww congrats! The unicorn is my favorite character on the spiaggia also but I don't think I will get the print just because of it like you did :shrugs: We'll see how much it grows on me... or I'll be patient and wait for it to be on sale!
  11. are too funny Jess!! So, can you send me one of your unicorns?
    Btw, Congrats on your new bags...
  12. CONGRATS! err I mean Congrats.
    You finally got your unicorn, glad it worked out, it would totally suck to have to wait another day (or until monday?).
  13. OH YAY Jessaka! Let's all sing together now...ready?
    "My little Pony, My little Pony, i comb and brush her hair..." LMAO! :nuts: CONGRATS!
  14. I think it's funny that the unicorn is dubbed "happy unicorn"... When you look at it, it looks more like "oh, I think I'm lost unicorn." *lol*
  15. I can't see your pictures :sad: