OMG! my poor kitty!!

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  1. i trim my dog's whiskers so they don't poke him in the eyes (they're really long). he's perfectly fine, and it doesn't bother him at all. also, they grow really quickly - don't worry about your cat, the hairs will grow back before you know it.
  2. nolirace, better give your son a talk! One hears about rubber bands put on the neck grown into the skin and my daughter pulled our bunny's ears through a crocheted doily to make him a hat! Ouch!

    I am so glad my dog's whiskers have grown back in after his lump removal. The cut off ones are so prickly! It took longer than I thought it would, about 3 months.

    My dear old bunny didn't like whiskers on stuffed animals and she would snip them off in a jiffy. No growing back for those whiskers!
  3. Your cat will be ok. I'm more worried about a 5 year old with scissors.
  4. ^^he actually cut them w/ kids scissors!
  5. ^He must be a patient little guy then, bless him! Maybe a career in hairdressing is on the horizon? ;)
  6. We have two young cats which we adopted as kittens. It was about a week after adopting the first one that we realised he was lonely and needed kitten company so we got the other one ... a bigger kitten a couple of weeks older. Guess what happened ... bigger kitten chewed the whiskers off little kitten. It didn't appear to have any serious effect on the kitten, the only lasting outcome was that he became a bit resentful/wary of his bigger "brother" and they never became good friends as I'd hoped they would.

    I'd be a little concerned your cat might become wary of your little boy and might scratch him if he gets too close. Cats are usually pretty resilient though ... I'd just keep an eye on things. Don't forget to tell him never to put anything around the cat's neck! Hopefully everything will be fine.
  7. Awe, I think it will be a cute story that you will be able to laugh about together one day when he is older (and the whiskers have grown back)! I commend you for keeping a straight face!

    I have a bulldog and I trim her whiskers for shows....they have always grown back without trouble. It doesn't bother her in the least.