OMG..My poor agenda!!!

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  1. Yesterday I was opening my Epi agenda to set my work schedule for next week and I found out that the central ring binder was completely detached from the leather cover in his lower point (you can see it in the pics below). :shocked::shocked::shocked:
    Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever heard of something similar???

    I'm so sad and upset...:cry: I don't even know how could it happen and I hope it will be possible to fix it. Tomorrow I'm going to LV in Padua to see if they can do something for me.
    I'm crossing fingers and toes!!
    DSCN5356.JPG DSCN5363.JPG
  2. i'm sure the store will be able to do something! keep us updated!
  3. Ohhh no that stinks! Keep us updated
  4. Yikes!
    Good luck!
  5. THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME!! it was weird...i don't know how it happened...I have a Monogram MM and they sent it off to Paris and the hardest part was not having an agenda for 6 took that long too!!! but they fixed it for free and it was good as new!!! they'll fix it for you...mine was only 6 months old when it happened too
  6. That's no good! I hope they can get it fixed for you! How long have you had your agenda, by the way?
  7. I am sorry to hear that. Please let us know what happens.
  8. Unfortunately it's a known problem of some LV Agendas.
    I'm so sorry that it has also happened to you, Martina_Italy! :shucks:

    For example the whole last production of the limited agendas had to be also shifted, because the whole binder systems were unstable....Paris was quite unnerved.

    I hope, the LV-Team at your store will help you best as they can and above all fast!
  9. That happened to my Mom, it's so unfortunate. Hope everything is ok with LV.
  10. Hapen to me, last month took 4 weeks for repare ( no charge)
    my SA told me it is a problem of the agendas :smile:
  11. I'm sorry this happened. I've seen quite a few posts about this happening to the agenda's of other tpf'ers. The good news is that LV seems to fix it for free in each instance.
  12. Sorry this happened and hopefully LV can fix it.
  13. Oh no! take it back to LV asap
  14. I hope they fix it fast. I did not have agenda refills for 2010 until Jan 19 and I was a mess without them. Send it in as soon as possible so you can get it back fast.
  15. Omg!
    I just bought a Damier agenda last month, please update us about what did they say.