OMG my MJ HG Silvana- I think I was sent a fake!

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  1. I am so upset, but maybe someone can help me confirm my belief - My HG arrived today (packaged very poorly) and my gut feeling is its fake! I have never seen one in real life, so maybe an expert can help me.

    It has Lampo zippers. and what throws me is where the gold embossed Marc Jacobs lettering is - its above the zipper, not inside on the pocket! And the inside pocket doesnt look right to me. The leather is not very soft, like quilted leather. I am just beyond upset and overwhelmed.

    And then what do I do, how do I tell the seller, she seemed so nice.

    Am I correct?:crybaby:

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  2. everything looks okay so far...dont freak out yet....wait for an expert to chime in :tup:
  3. Really, oh thank you June, that makes me calm down a bit - I am just freaking out - I was expecting Riri zippers and gold lettering on the inside pocket not over the zipper, but as I said I never had seen a Silvana IRL.
  4. I should mention, the dustbag is authentic...and the leather is softening a little now that its out of the cold
  5. me neither. the stamping looks right on the front pushlock...and i know some bags MJ stamps weird or uses the old school zips and stuff. i cant confirm it's real or fake, but im sure someone will chime in, so dont panic yet. :hugs:
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    hmm...I'm not sure. The bag looks good, but I the stamp should be on the pocket I think. there's a completed listing on ^bay in this color - is that one one you got? It shows the stamp on the pocket, and not the top. I do remember the stamp on the top on some bags too. I'm not sure now.

    This is my HG of bags also --- but absolutely want Black. They're hard to find for a descent discounted price. :sad:
  7. I have to say Need, everything looks okay so far. The HW and leather texture seem correct. I can't really see the pics of the interior to identify wher the heat stamp is though. . .
  8. Really, oh thank you ladies - I am literally in tears, thinking my HG could be a fake - its such a pretty pretty bag, but I got thrown off when I opened it and saw the zip and the stamp. It doesnt say made in italy anywhere, and no tag in the pocket - I know some bags didnt...
  9. I am no good at this, I do hope it is good to go Need! I have my toes crossed for you!
  10. i have an alyona and it is stamped on the leather by the top of the bag, not on the pocket! I am sure it is there a tag on the inside pocket for the season/model #?????
  11. My Silvana is stamped that way also. Everything looks good so far from my opinion also but I would definitely wait on the experts to make sure.
  12. But I also did just look at my Silvana again and the Marc Jacobs stamp in on the leather part of the pocket and not the top near the zipper. Mine is black though - would there be a difference in stamping with different colors, possibly?
  13. Oh good to know, because it is cognac, same season as the cognac alyonas, so maybe that was during that season.
    Theres no tag in the inside, but there isnt on some of my other MJs I bought from Nordies.
  14. Needanotherbag, everything looks legit IMO. Beautiful bag!:wlae:
  15. im thinking this bag looks good as well... i only have the silvana for a short time though so i dont remember about the zippers. the leather def looks good though as does the hardware. congrats!