OMG my LV store was robbed...

  1. the other day in my fashion intro class we were talking about black friday sales and there is a group of us that work in the "high end" mall here in nashville, and this girl i know who works at BCBG across from LV said that two people walked into LV and ran out with like 60 bags. i was so shocked, and didn't wanna post anything here until i got some real info.

    i feel so bad. this is the only boutique i have shopped at, and its only been in the mall for about a year. and there are like never any security guards, maybe one sometimes. its a tiny store. and i work in the same mall too, and i would never think like that would happen there. Its owned by the same company that owns Frontenac in St. Louis, which some of you may be more knowledgable of, and it just seems like that kind of thing wouldnt happen.
  2. That is so sad to hear but people start start to act crazy around the holiday time. I wouldn't be surprised if who ever stole the bags was trying to sell them on their own to make a profit.
  3. omg! that is so terrible! i really hope they catch them!
  4. Thats creepy...Hopefully they'll get caught. Tens of thousands of dollars wow. They must have grabbed the good stuff.
  5. oh no, that's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that...I wonder what exactly they took?
  6. That's just terrible!!! Never know, they might show up on eBay!!:cursing:
  7. “The dollar value was quite high. Shoplifting affects all of us, because it drives up prices for all of us,” Turberville said.

    ^^^and that's just not fair for us true LV lovers!
  8. I wonder if they'll show the security tape on the news, so people can call in with information?
  9. idk. most of the stuff on display that is not behind the glass cases is luggage, speedy's, agendas and stuff. and the luggage section is right next to the checkout, so i imagine they grabbed a lot from there. id go in and talk to my SA but i dont want to get all up in their business.
  10. OMG! That's crazy!! I wonder how they had like 60 bags out of the display for them to see :O I bet we will see them on eBay
  11. ~Ooh..those shoftlifters were really brazen, most esp. during the Black Friday:nogood::s~
  12. wow,that's so disturbing. I hope they get caught.. They planned it very well to have taken that many bags and fleeing the scene without trace. Crazy!!
  13. Wow that is just shocking. It's christmas time and like the police officer said there'll be more and more burglar cases if you don't be careful.

    GUYS HIDE YOUR LV & GET THEM INSURED. :yucky::yucky:
  14. 60 bags?!?!?! OMG. I really doubt they stole THAT many bags in that little time? Was there not a manager on the floor ATM?

    Why in the HELL would the SA leave the sales floor by itself?!!?!?!? :cursing: :wtf: :noggin:
  15. The number of bags/accessories stolen seems very unreal. I mean how is that possible? Where were the other SAs when all of this was going on? If you ask me... it was LVs fault for not paying attention to their "customers." 60 or more things stolen? COME ON... they might get caught, but the security in the mall should've been a bit more upscale, especially since there is a store like LV in the mall.

    There were people shoplifting at the Natick Collection in MA a little while ago, but they were caught. Two girls tried stealing the $10,000 showcase bag in Nordstrom.