omg! my koala wallet!!! :(((((

  1. it broke. seriously literally it just broke apart.

    the koala clasp (with the spring) just fell off. i didn't throw it around...i treat it well!

    i've had the wallet for 1.5 so upset!!

    i will bring it in and let them do something about it...they said on the phone that if it's a quality issue, they will "do something about it" when i mentioned that i wanted to know how long it will take so that i can decide whether to buy another wallet or not...does this mean they will offer to give me a replacement if they can't fix it?

    does anyone have the same problem?

  2. Usually when they acknowledge that it is a quality issue they will give you a new one. When I bought the Taiga Alexei there were issues with the buckles and strap so they exchanged it out for me 3 times. Eventually my SA who is a manager helped me pick out something different to exchange. To this day he still tells me that the Alexei still has quality issues. Good luck rensky!!!
  3. That is awful!!! That happened to me with my of the buckles just came right off in my hand from one of the front pockets. (right when someone was asking me if it was real! LOL) I took it in and they sent it in for repairs. (I had nothing to put my stuff in as we were on holidays. so I bought the mono mizi!!) This was awhile back...but the repair took about 5 weeks. Sorry for the frustrations! :sad:
  4. lucky you get to pick up mizi back then sunshine!
    rensky~ they should fix it, there's no way LV gonna as you to pay for the repair after only 1.5 yr of use. Keep us posted, good luck :flowers:
  5. Eeep! Let us know what happens. Hopefully you'll get good service and a nice happy wallet at the end of it.
  6. This happened to my Manhattan PM as well. They gave me a new one, but it happened within a day of use. I'm so sorry.
  7. Oh no, I'm so sorry!! They'll fix it up or give you a new one for sure. You'll be using an unbroken Koala in no time!
  8. that's horrible. i hope you get a replacement.
  9. thanks everyone~ i just needed to tell someone about this...was trying to let some of my co-workers know but they just couldn't understand why the situation made me frustrated..basically they told me to go and buy a new "wallet"....oh if only they knew that the price of the koala wallet is near the price of a speedy!!

    mr.posh spice: you must love your taiga alexei to have swapped it out 3 times! i would have been so angry and demanded to exchange for a different style..

    sunshine and girlsgottoshop: i hope my manhattan doesn't do the same thing! but i'm glad they fixed everything for you two..

    if it was really a quality issue, they will exchange it for a new one, right? *fingers crossed*
  10. Oh no, I'm so sorry ... I hope they do fix it for you, if not replace it altogether. Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. so sorry abt yr wallet...:heart: keep us posted of outcome :tup:
  12. that's terrible!!! I really hope they fix it for you!
  13. oh no...that's terrible...i really hope they fix it for you...
  14. now i'm just worried that i will have to wait for i don't know how many weeks for this to be over! i don't have another wallet..just an old beaten up vivienne westwood wallet...darn :cursing:..just when i have to save up for my trip back to hong kong!
  15. OMG :wtf: i'm worried about my manhattan now.
    rensky, I'm sure they'll fix it for you if not replace it! keep us updated!