OMG... My Hubby is THE MAN!!!


Dec 29, 2006
I have been lusting over the Hampstead MM for some time now, and was planning on getting it soon. I decided this week, though, to concentrate on paying off some bills, and postponed my LV shopping for awhile.

Well, dh, the kids and I took a family trip today to the mall to have lunch out and go to Saks to buy some shirts that hubby wanted. While he was trying on his clothes, I took the kids over to the LV boutique and tried on/drooled over my Hampstead. As we were about to leave, I said, "Oh, I want that bag - I'm going to save like mad the next few months and come back soon!" Hubby said, "So, this is THE bag, huh? The one that will complete your collection and make you happy?" I said yes, thinking that he was going to laugh at me and say how many times he'd heard that one before :roflmfao:, but he said, "Ok, let's go back and I'll get it for you if it will make you that happy." :yahoo:OMG, I was THRILLED!!! So we went back to see the very nice SA that I had just talked with, and he bought me the Hampstead!! I am soooo happy! I kept thanking him and saying that this was the 4th best day of my life (1) marrying him, 2 & 3) having my sweet boys), and he smiled and said, "Well, I'm glad you're so happy - I really don't understand it - but I'm glad you're happy!" What a sweetheart!

I have been planning on buying the Hampstead for awhile, so I already bought the Damier cosmetic pochette and the Compact Zippe wallet so I would have a matching set to welcome Miss Hampstead home with, so I am all set now! I am totally (and finally) happy with my LV collection, and think I will enjoy it for awhile before lusting after anything else. :tup: I'll post pics in a few minutes!


everything is peachy
Mar 17, 2007
AWW! I almost cried reading... :love: you two seem like such a lovely couple! That is SO sweet of him! I hope I marry a guy that's a total sweetheart like your hubby!

With that said, I can't wait to see photos!