OMG! MY HGGGG came, Come see, lots of pics!!!

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  1. I got my HG, and since joining the TPF i thought i would never find one, but i did and i love her so much, thanks to a wonderful TPFer, girl thanks :heart:, :cloud9::love::heart::hugs: DH was like are you gonna do a reveal? Then he saw me laying out my bags,funny guy. Of course I am it's my HG lol

    So some teasers shall we???


  2. I'm here
  3. Oh let's see!
  4. Well take it off....
  5. Let's see it!
  6. Strip baby!!! LOL!
  7. you asked for it: this will give it away lol guesses yet??

  8. Here!
  9. Whoot whoot whoot
  10. I hope you'll have modeling pics!!! Pretty please!!!!!
  11. I know I know! But I wont tell!! lol
  12. Another Pic, don't u love the legacy lining yummy :P Come on, you know what this is ;)

  13. yes wendie :P lol, but shh
  14. Fushia Peyton?
  15. Fucshia Peyton! Yay!