OMG! My HG scarf!

  1. My first Hermes grail scarf is the Couvee de Hermes.

    I found a gorgeous unused, pleated one and got it for $182 out the door!

    Wah! It's got a toffee colored border and the background is cream, and it just sets the eggs off beautifully!

    :heart::heart:This is beginning of an expensive habit!
  2. Congrats!!! Please post a pic!
  3. Hi Rose!

    Sorry! I was so excited I hit send before I att'd the pic:

    here she is! :heart:
  4. Yes, pics please!! Congrats!
  5. [​IMG]

    Absolutely gorgeous! Now, put it on, model for us!
  6. Two more pics, courtesy of the eBay seller. Most of her scarves go for $135-$200+. I guess she's one of those wealthy women who doesn't care what they sell for!

    Thanks you guys, for your support!
    8a72_0.JPG 8ad3_0.JPG
  7. Congrats- it's absolutely lovely!
  8. It's beautiful, congratulations!!
  9. fabulous find!:yes:
  10. great find, beautiful scarf, congratulations
  11. That's a great find, Skelly. I love that scarf. I keep trying to identify which scarf appears in each of the eggs. Have fun with your new silk addiction!
  12. Oh, that's a gorgeous scarf.
  13. Congratulations:yahoo:
  14. can't see those pics but the other worked for me.

    congrats!! :yahoo:
  15. Congratulations! That is so exciting! It is beautiful!!!