OMG!!! my heart palpitates my orange crush*pics*


Aug 3, 2006
I have been much of a lurker in the hermes forum but I admire you ladies so much for your style and class. I am usually in the "your hermes in action" thread enjoying different styles that you wear for your hermes birkin and kellys. AND I FELL IN LOVE. So I began my quest for my orange crush. I am in the philippines so we don't have a hermes boutique anywhere near. So ebay was my only hope. I found this beauty a 35cm Hermes Kelly togo in orange color and my heart palpitated:sweatdrop:. After having it authenticated in the "authenticate this" section (thanks eric fam and hermes groupie!!!). My orange crush and I have gotten together. :yahoo: and I couldn't help but fell weak on the knees when I opened the box. I am in love. I am on a bag ban till June 2007 for this baby. My hubby promised me a birkin for 2008. Thanks for reading and here are my pics.:wlae::wlae::wlae:


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thanks girls! I am really in love. I didn't think that I would feel this way. LOL I sound wierd. Like a school girl with a crush hahaha. It really is beautiful. After all the fakes I got from ebay (2 to be exact) I am glad I found this forum. Never thought I'd get the real deal. But when you have you know its the real deal because it is quite a beauty. I am babbling!!! But I still can't get over the feeling and you are the only girls (and guys) who would understand:blush:
I am planning to post in the hermes in action thread soooooon because it is the thread that inspired me to GO FOR IT. I will show it off there kellybag. Don't you worry. I am planning to use this baby for life. hahaha
congrats candace!

O my ms. twilly ! If bag love is like a highschool crush, I am doomed. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve and cry a lot hahaha

But alas, bag love is different! A bag NEVAH breaks your heart. Yehay!!!
WOW!!! I love this bag. The Kelly is my favorite of all the Hermès bags. I am just so in love with it. Yours is wonderful... my three favorite colors are gold, chocolate and orange. Some day if I can ever afford one those would be my colors. Congratulations and best wishes on your beautiful new baby!