OMG My Heart Is Racing.

  1. last few minutes on a brown hamptons signature stripe carryall.

    wish me luck! :yahoo:

    p.s. i mean in eBay. lol.
  2. Good luck!!! If I am thinking of the right bag it's a great one!!!!
  3. F*CKING SNIPED. :cursing:
    i always bid at 4 seconds left.
    some stupid dummyhead had a sniper and got me by.....ready for this?

    exactly 50 cents.

    i've been sniped in my last 2 big auctions.
    i'm starting to get MAD. :crybaby:
  4. That... SUCKS.
  5. Oh I am so sorry !!!!! :sad: I hate it when that happens!!!

    was it this bag?


  6. yes, that's the one. i have the matching wallet [the bigger one], won it for $107.
    i want it in the large. [as you can see by my signature.]
    i was considering the medium for a bit, since one is available BIN for the price i had for the large,
    but i don't think it would fit everything i carry on a day to day basis.
    i have a hard time fitting everything in my holiday patchwork gallery tote,
    so i KNOW it would be a little ridiculous with the medium. lol.
  7. I am sorry :tdown: Don't forget though (it MIGHT make you feel a little better) ;) that even though they won by .50 doesn't mean that was their max bid.. they may have been willing to pay a LOT more than you. :yes:
  8. That really stinks, especially since they won by such a small amount. If it makes you feel any better...I use a sniping service and I still get sniped by others sometimes. It seems like it all comes down to the highest max at that point. I'm sure you'll find one soon, good luck :flowers:
  9. Oh no! Feel better!! You'll get the next one :smile:
  10. Actually, that most likely was their highest bid. I've won auctions by .01 before. When you get up into higher dollar amounts, the increments increase. Once you get over $100, the increments are $2.50, so if someone had put in a much higher bid, they would have won by $2.50.

    I'm so sorry that you lost out on this (particularly at the last second, man that has happened to me soooo many times). You'll find another; and you never know, maybe there was something on this purse you may not have been happy with.

    Good luck!
  11. im sorry! i hope you get it next time :]]
  12. Time to fight back!! It's a lifesaver!!!
  13. Bummer..
  14. OK HELP! :wtf:

    so the seller contacted me, [through eBay] and gave me a second chance offer,
    and here are the messages between us.
    p.s. i went to the "contact seller" link to make sure it was from the right person.


    hi; why am i being given a second chance offer? did the winner back out? just wondering. =]


    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]Hi, The reason is bcos my friend also had the same bag and wanting to sell it off. That's why I offered u the second chance. Thanks.

    bcos, as in an eBay member? i checked and they are in PA, while you are in AZ? Also, are you 100% sure it is the same bag? Same size, color, condition, etc? Thanks.


    Hi, Who is in PA? My friend is in AZ with me not in PA. She bought the same bag as me at the same time. So it is exactly the same model. The reason why she doesn't want it is because it is too big for her.[/FONT]


    i looked up the name you mentioned on eBay community, and it said PA; i don't know. is hers also NWT? has she carried it before? can you send me a picture of it? thanks.[/FONT]


    i'm wary of any sort of interaction like this, but its a great deal on a bag i've been desperately trying to get for 3 months now.

    what would you do? :shrugs: