OMG My hair turned orange!

  1. Ok, this is really embarrassing, but here goes:

    To try to save money, I decided to attempt an ''at home'' dye job. I had used L'Oreal Preference, Light Auburn to dye my hair. My natural color is very light brown which had some blonde highlights in it.

    My color looked okay, but not much red, just mostly brown with some red. The problem was that it looked flat---just one solid color. I really thought my old highlights still would have shone through, but they didn't.

    So, here's where things go really wrong.

    I went and bought L'Oreal Styliste high-lights in creamy caramel. I put them on around my face....left it on the 30 mins.

    AND NOW I HAVE ORANGE HIGH LIGHTS. I have a few pieces that are buttery blonde, a few that border on canary yellow, but mostly just ORANGE.

    I am so stressed out and I can't afford to fix this professionally.

    My friend suggested John Freida Platinum Blonde shampoo to wash it away.

    I read online that purple or blue shampoo/conditioner might help.

    Others have said the orange will wash away or lessen over more shampoos.

    I know this is my own fault but I don't know how to fix this.

    PLEASE HELP, I am crying. :cry:
  2. Those blonde shampoos will help reduce some of the brassiness. (Any blue or purple shampoo or treatment will help.) We have an over the counter product here called Brilliant Silver Rose and it's perfect for toning down yellow and orange tones. You may have something similar available at pharmacies or hair care stores.
    Is the hair dye you used is a semi/demi/rinse? You can strip some colour if you use warm olive oil and anti-dandruff shampoo, but you need to do this as soon as possible.
  3. call loreal hotline on their website for expert colorist advice
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you. You don't know how many times this has happened to me. My natural hair color is a medium brown and anytime I attempt a Do-it-yourself my hair turns orange. What I have done in the past is wash it out and wait it out. Sometimes the orange fades away. I don't know how drastic it is or how much you can live with it but you may need to have it fixed professionally.

    Good Luck sweetie!

  5. Yes, call their hotline & they will help you.

    This is why it is important to do a strand test. Easiest way to do it is collect hair from your brush or you can collect it a few days before you color (Thanks Paula Begoun) & tape it together. Just tried it a few days ago & it worked great! Or you can test a small hidden section of hair nape of neck or something. Pain in the butt, but at least you know what you'll get.
  6. Really the only thing you can do if you cant fix it professionally is either call the hotline, buy darker dye and try to dye your hair one solid colour, or try and use liquid dish soap to fade the colour some. It wont strip the colour from your hair but it will fade it quite a bit.
  7. I called my sister she is a color expert, she said you should put a brown without copper or ash in it just a basic brown. After you do that you can put your auburn in again. Hope this helps!
  8. I did this once :sad: It was not pretty. I put on a bandana, went to the grocery, and bought a box of semi-permanent medium brown hair dye. This covered the orange and lasted for a few months, and by then, the orange had toned down. It wasn't what I wanted (brown hair I mean) but it got rid of the orange.

    What about Color Oops? Does that work for lightening hair or just for dying it darker? Good luck!
  9. Oh, my heart goes out to you. I did this to myself many, many moons ago. Hair color wasn't nearly as sophisticated as it is now. I'm hoping you found some help with the hotline. All of these suggestions are certainly very valid.

    Good luck to you.
  10. I did this to my hair back in high school except it was the whole head not just highlights. I bought a medium ash brown dye to minimize the orange and it covered it up.
  11. Ash brown on orange would make green, wouldnt it?
  12. Oh gosh, girl - I did the same thing years ago! I've used the L'Oreal Styliste several times and have never, ever had this problem... I'm so sorry :sad: When it happened to me, I went out and bought a semi-permanent dark brown color to go over it... that'll help some. Then, I would probably use a toner to even it out more. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  13. That happened to my friend too, she was trying to go from blonde to brown but the shades didn't mix well. Me, I had my hair turn green bc like an idiot one 4th of July I went swimming ALL NIGHT and I had dyed my hair that exact same day...stupid stupid idea. Clarifying shampoo helped a lot and I had to re-dye it
  14. I'm not sure if it depends on your natural hair type/color, but I have naturally black hair. All drugstore ash brown dyes still end up turning redish brown on my hair no matter what my starting color is.
  15. this happened exactly to me yesterday! this totally worked for me, if you want to see before and after pics i will post them. i used the frost and glow i think its by loreal? idk but it made my hair orange and very brassy! i read online to use a blue violet shampoo so when i was at the store i found John Frieda's Color Renew Tone Restoring Shampoo. It is a blue-violet shampoo! Also get the conditioner. I used this and the Conditioner and then I used Redken's Blonde Glam Treatment. The John Frieda really makes a difference the first time. Try to use this shampoo no more than 3 times a week i've read or any blue violet shampoo.