OMG My Foresta Zucca Arrived fr Japan

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  1. OMG! the mailman just came and lookey what he dropped off lolx

  2. congrats! very nice :biggrin:
  3. :huh:o lucky you!
  4. that is beautiful!
  5. ooooohhh!!! how much did it cost yah?! i love the baby monkies peeping out on the bottom
  6. Perfecto! Congrats! I always see the KOI at the bottom of a bag, and this is the first time I see them right on top!
  7. gorgeous!
  8. Yay! Foresta Zucca are awesome.
  9. That print is so cute.
  10. thank you ladies..i was kinda feeling slightly bummed cuz there is not enough monkeys and way too many apples lolx ...

    bubblesung: i paid around USD210 inclusive of shipping to Singapore (shipping alone was around USD40)
  11. pretty :smile:))
  12. oh god. I love it!!!! LV eat your heart out.... Foresta's are too cool for words, love the zucca style too! This really feels like collection material and not using material. When I go back to Albuquerque, I'm gonna have to scour through macy's again cause they had a lotta stuff on sale, but the bag styles didn't grab me the way the stella and my big other one (ugh, name) did... Do you all like the Pirata print or not. I find it kinda boring compared to foresta and amore, that pink lining inside the amore is what's killing me... right now...
  13. Congrats on your Foresta zucca!! It's really cute!! :tup:
  14. your bag is lovely!
  15. I love it...... but $210, ouch!! I'm trying to be cheap & pay under retail lol.