OMG - my first TANO!

  1. Okay, right around mother's day, I was perusing TPF, and discovered a post about Tanos, and well, because my husband thought dinner the night before had constituted my mother's day gift (it didn't), I ended up at, and ordered a Sex Bomb - the most un-mommy named bag on the site!! It is my first Tano, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It's a GORGEOUS blue color, I love the bright orange nylon lining, there are tons of pockets, it's lightweight, and the leather smells yummy.

    Plus, I love how economical they are! The styles are edgy, and the colors, beautiful! I am a die-hard fan from here on out!

    What should be my next Tano purchase!? (There will be others - OH YES!)

    This sexbomb is in the "crunch" leather - what's another good bag & leather style to try?
    DSCN4851.JPG DSCN4858.JPG
  2. Bag looks fabulous on you, congratulations...I first discovered Tano Xa couple years ago and could not believe the quality and style for such a great price...they sure have some lovely bags, don't they? Am really glad you love your bag..and it's delightful, is that the cobalt blue?
  3. Yeah - the cobalt blue! I was torn between that, the papaya, and the sky blue, but I am THRILLED with the cobalt - it's so nice and rich. And basically, any time I'm wearing jeans, it'll be a perfect match! What a great find these Tanos are!
  4. There was a posting on the other Tano thread just now from adoniabags, they are offering 10% off purchase with code iloveblogs. has a super selection of Tano also.. and carries Tano. has coupon code for aa for 25% off purchase at about attitude, that's why their stock is a little low, I think the code is toutie, but look it up on their site... good luck...
  5. Thanks diamondgirl! I will check both sites out! (though I may be forced to beg for my life if my hubby finds out I've bought YET ANOTHER bag in the first 5 months of 2007! lol!)
  6. Alexandra at also just said that her $20 off offer is on until may 31! If you like another bag - you can go check it out!

    I actually found out about Tano a year or 2 ago - when my friend was carrying a Gerard. However I wasn't really crazy about the styles from those seasons, but I kept checking (although not following too closely, just from time to time) because they do have nice styles at even nicer price
  7. Gorgeous bag and gorgeous mama! I'm a mom to a 2-year-old, and you are looking GOOD! That blue color is fantastic...and the bag hangs perfectly on you!
  8. Arrg I think there is something wrong with the TPF server - or there are too many people on at the same time..

    For some reason I got cut off (for several times) - this will be the last time I try... if it cuts off I am not going to post this again!

    Anyway... other leathers to try - I have the Sexy Terry which is the patent crinkle leather and the Loveboat which is cloud leather.

    Patent leather is light, soft and slouchy, but really shiny, what I love about it is that it is easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

    Cloud leather is also lightweight, a little sheen and really smooth! It's really soft as well! Gracie123 has a Loveboat in Celeste and she has nothing but great things to say about it. I love the look and feel of my leather too! But I must say that the Loveboat is really big - so it might be a turnoff for some.
  9. I have this bag and it is amazing! It only gets better with use! Enjoy!
  10. Although I don't own a Tano, I do think they have the best colours ever! Sorry, I realise that doesn't help you choose, but I envy you the decision between such a wonderful rainbow of options!
  11. Congrats, it looks fantastic on you!
  12. i really love this i am torn btwn this and the bottle blonde bag

    but i want to know is the cobalt blue more like the bright blue color shown in the stock pic

    or more like the deeper blue shown in your model pic :smile: thanks!
  13. I love that colour, it looks great on you! Nice Mother's day present!
  14. OOh! you are so kind! Thank you! That's music to a mamma's ears! :yahoo:
  15. Cobalt is DEF. a deeper blue. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that it was even darker than the cobalt shown on's site.