OMG! My first paddy! A beautiful 07 Galet!

  1. Here's my baby, she arrived today. So beautiful and smooshy! :yahoo:
    The pics look a bit shiny cos of the flash, but the leather is so thick and pebbly and soft!! Also the camera has made the colour look a bit cool and reality the colour is a bit more beige and warmer

    What do you think? :wlae:


  2. oooh, now pretty! congratulations!!
  3. Congrats... Enjoy your new paddy!!! :graucho:
  4. :yahoo:GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: Congrats!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Congratulations!!

  6. :nuts: beautiful!! :girlsigh:
  7. Thanks for all your lovely compliments girls! I'm sooooo excited! Couldn't have arrived at a worse time though, I have a huge assignment due in two days that I haven't started so I can't sit and pet it :sad:
  8. Congratulations Emily! Especially after all that stress! Don't do it to us again, you hear?! :hysteric: Enjoy your beautiful bag! What colour is galet again? It looks like a light grey?
  9. Simply beautiful, I just love the colorcombo with the silver!
    Good luck with your assignment looking at and touching (I also love to smell the leather...:shame: ) your bag will certainly give you the energy to get it all done!
  10. Its not really a light grey, its much warmer than what it looks in the picture. Closer to a light beige. Will try to get a daylight picture tomorrow :smile:

    Thanks for the compliments :heart:
  11. Beautiful bag, it is quite the chameleon color - (I have this bag too). :smile:

    Is the leather on yours different back to front?

    Mine has pebbled leather for the front piece, and smooth leather for the back piece. :confused1:
  12. Congratulations.
  13. I love this colour! Congratulations!
  14. I've never seen that color before. Very nice!
  15. SO GORGEOUS! congrats!!:heart: