Omg My First J12!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi I just bought my very first Chanel J12 on eBay. OKay it was a risky buy. I know! The seller claimed it was 100% authentic and he has given me all the paperworks and the Chanel warrenty card with the Chanel Authorised sealer stamp. I phoned up the watch boutique (a highly acclaimed chained store) and was confirmed that the serial no of the watch matches with the no they have on the computer system so as the date of purchase, the name and address of the buyer. Well I think I have done the most I could do to land myself a real J12.

    When I got the watch I took it to my local watch shop which is also an Authorised Chanel dealer and was told it's real. What do you guys think of my move? I think I was insane. Buying something like this on eBay.

    And also the watch has 2 small scratches on the crystal surface. Would I be able to take it back to Chanel or the shop which it was originally bought to get it resurfaced? How much would that cost? The warranty is still in place. It bought last summer andn I think it's valid for 18 months or something. MANY THANKS!
    IMG_2137.JPG IMG_2139.JPG IMG_2140.JPG IMG_2141.JPG
  2. GORGEOUS. I have that one too! 38 mm with diamond markers but mine is white. :drool: Love your J12.

    Sorry, I'm no help with the warranty thing but the best thing you can do is just bring it in and ask them for yourself. :yes:
  3. ahhh! the black one is so gorgeous! i want one! how much did you snag off eBay for? hehe i'm a curious cat ;) bring down to chanel and see what they can do about it. i'm sure they're able to come up with something!
  4. I love this watch! Congrats!!
  5. [​IMG]





    U are really brave as i will never take the risk to buy an expensive watch from ebay. I rather buy it from a reputable consignment shop or retailer store.

    I'm so in love with the J12 watch and love both in black and white as well. Also, will be gettin my first J12 watch next mth....can't wait:graucho::graucho:
  6. That's gorgeous!! Congrats :smile:
  7. Congrats on your J12! I love it in black (and in white too!!).
  8. I can't even see the scratches in the pictures, can you really notice them?

    Congratulations on getting such a beautiful watch :tup:
  9. I would be so scared to buy a J12 off ebay but it really does look like you got a good deal and I cannot see any scratches
  10. Thanks! I got it for $2000USD or £1000. There are 2 defects though. The crystal surface has 2 small deep scratches (from diamond rings!!!) and the top bit of the bracelet strap which attached it to the casing is slightly bent (I just got back from my local authorised watchseller). I need to go to Chanel to get both things fixed. I really do hope it's not going to cost me a bomb! :O) The warranty is still valid so hopefully it will be cheaper.
  11. The 2 scratches are small but one of them is really deep. I was told by the store manager in the authorised dealer shop it might need to have the whole crystal surface replaced. I am glad to know it's real though! YAAY! :biggrin:
  12. i love it!!
  13. Congrats, it's beautiful.
  14. Wow! You are brave. I've been looking for one in black for my big birthday. Does anyone know of authentic ebay dealers?

    BTW, your watch is stunning! Wear it in good heath!:yes:
  15. wowsers! congrats on the brilliant find on ebay and of course on the lovely black j12 itself. and i hope chanel can sort out the little nicks for you, i'm sure with the warranty still valid, they could do some wonders.