OMG! my first '05 bbag!!!

  1. I just had to share...I just won a '05 Chocolate City!!! :yahoo: I decided I wanted a brown bbag to add to my collection and REALLY wanted a 05 Chocolate but didn't think I would ever find one and was going to get a Cinnamon. But then this showed up:

    I don't have any 05 but after all the talk on this forum about the leather, I couldn't resist putting an offer in. I can't wait to get it! Any Chocolate lovers out there?:p
  2. Congrats!! That leather looks yummy!! Be sure to post more pics when you get her!!
  3. I love '05 bags! My S/S black '05 City is my favorite even though it came to me very pre-loved!
  4. Congrats!
  5. Yummy chocolate! I love that you finally found "the one". Looking forward to seeing your pics!
  6. Yay! Congrats! '05 leather is supposed to be super yummy! Enjoy! :yes:
  7. I'm so jealous!!! This bag is on my "wish list". Congrats! It looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics when you get her. :smile:
  8. Congrats! It looks great! :okay:
  9. yay!! congrats!! The leather looks delish! Please pose more pics when you get her- including modeling pics!

    I just got my chocolate work last night and I'm in love!! So I'm definitely another chocolate lover!
  10. YUM!!! congrats!
  11. congrats! 05 leathers really are amazing and chocolate is an awesome neutral!
  12. congrats!!!
  13. congrats, what a beauty. I love chocolate. It is my fav brown and I have a day in that color. Absolutely love the silky leather.
  14. Congrats!
  15. '05 is the best leather, hands down (at least for me anyway). Congrats on your great find!