OMG My feet are Shrinking!!

  1. My feet have downsized. I am SO distraught. I have been a size 9 since high school, and all of a sudden, I am now a size 8-8.5, but moreso an 8. I have not lost weight, but I did recently get over a bad case of the chicken pox which seems to have completely killed my love for sweets, coffee and also strained my vision muchmoreso than I had before.

    I have been in denial regarding My feet shrinking, however it seems to be true, as all My size 9 shoes have been slipping and sliding unattractively. The other day I was at DSW checking out the new suede sandals and was super confused that all the size 9's seemed to be 'made bigger'. It took me almost 3 shoe shopping trips to even THINK that I should try on a smaller size, and when I did, the 8's fit perfectly. I almost had a panic attack right there in the store.

    I feel like crying. I have at LEAST 400 pairs of size 9 shoes.

    OMG I need some suggestions or a remedy that does NOT include selling My fabulous shoe collection!!!
  2. how recently were you sick? i know when i'm off my feet for any amount of time they get way smaller, and when i'm not eating or drinking as much water as i should they also shrink. it usually takes 2ish weeks for my shoes to feel normal again. i hope the same is true for you! i would cry if my shoes didn't fit anymore, and i don't even have very many cute ones...let alone 400!
  3. really??? ok so maybe I should just wait a while. Let's see...I had a full case of the pox when I found this forum being stuck at home for days on end, so whenever my first post was, I would say it lasted about 3 weeks after that. so maybe 2 months?

    as for water, I am an avid water drinker - up to 12-14 glasses a day at the very's hot out here haha.
  4. I had the exact opposite happen to me after I had my son. I was always a 6.5 and after my pregnancy I was an 8!!! It made me physically ill to get rid of all of those shoes.:cry:
  5. You can get pads to put in the heel portion of the shoe that should help keep them from slipping.
  6. If it's any consolation, your feet will get bigger with age! When I was young I was a size 8 then 8.5 now at age 44 they are size 9! :shocked: Hopefully, I won't start shrinking till I'm 75?! :Push:
  7. wow i'm a size 5, so there is hope for me after all!!! lol. i wish i were a size 6.
  8. I wish my feet would shrink. I was a size 5.5 forever, then suddenly I was a size 6--had to sell all of my Manolos! (I was NOT happy)
  9. You are funny....I am sure some of us would love to adopt your fab shoes..
    At least both of them ended up the same size, imagine 1 size 8 and the other size 9 ??
    Sorry it' O/T ,I saw Ellen DeGeneres show, one lady showed 2 different size feet 10 and 8 I think. She got that due to pregnancy. After the baby was born and grown, she still stuck with those feet.

    I hope you will get your feet size back. Try to massage it every night before bed..
  10. :graucho: i'm a size 9. heh heh heh (send me the cute ones! ) lol

    also, my feet better stay where they are dammit or i'll cry! i will not give up my shoe collection. even if they do change, i'll keep them to look at! lol
  11. 400 pairs of shoes? Ohh, you are my new idol :yes: !

    I wouldn't panic yet about the shoes, feet change over time, and especially now that the weather will be really hot all the time, your feet will swell. Maybe buy yourself a few pairs of 8.5s to tide you over until your other shoes fit better again. I recently went down to a size 9 from a 9.5 for no reason whatsoever, but I'm keeping my favorite 9.5s around anyway even though they are a little big. If shoe sizes are that capricious, you and I might change back soon!
  12. Strange, isn't it? In the winter I wear shoes or boots with socks and I don't notice any change. But in the summer with sandals, my feet seem to fit in different sizes every year. Last year my European size 40 sandals all fit fine, this year they are loose. My rings are all sliding around now too, so my fingers shrunk as well. I wish the rest of me would shrink a little. :P
  13. I hope this is only a temporary thing so you can keep your whole shoe collection!!!
  14. Give us an update if you're back to your normal feet size! I hope it's temporary!
  15. I just got back from the doctor and I told him about my shrinking feet and my inability to drink coffee since getting over the pox. He kind of shrugged his shoulders and said that it might be temporary.


    On saturday night I was really upset because my shoes kept falling off and I almost broke my ankle various times, so I took my shoes off and was walking down hollywood blvd barefoot just to keep up with my friends. Ugh. Gross. I don't even want to imagine what I stepped on that night.