OMG my fave bag is gone from

  1. I just went to the Coach website to stare at the khaki/rose Bleecker small zip hobo an it's gone from the site.... :crybaby:

    I'm sure Jax still has some...but it made me sad to see it's gone.
  2. I am so sorry to hear about that :sad: Maybe it'll come back.
  3. Maybe that means your not supposed to have it?;)
  4. outlet? :smile:
  5. Voodoo that means the outlet should be getting them :nuts:
  6. Voodoo....I saw these bags at my outlet today. I didnt stop to look at the colors though. Try your outlet!!!! The same thing happened to me b/c I had been eyeing the Fall Patchwork Carly, and figured I'd buy it SOON...then I checked the website and it was GONE!!!! Thanks to another tPF'er, I was able to get one sent to me though!!! Try calling around and see if some outlets have it, or call JAX directly!!!! Good luck! It looks like a cute bag!!!
  7. Is this a rhetorical questions? :smile: I loved the Legacy 06 bag so much I wanted it in Whiskey as well as the Black, but thought that was crazy...until I ended up with three different early 07 Hamptons totes (two business, black and camel, and one small black), and found the brown legacy to go with my black one.

    If you find the one you love, stick with it!
  8. Oops, sorry, wrong thread! :shame:

    Definitely call JAX. They take things off the website once they get lower in quantity.
  9. Next Monday I'm probably going to road trip to the closest Coach outlet.... (hurry up Allen store!!!).... w/ any luck I'll come home w/ my khaki/rose baby!

    Thanks, all!
  10. I know this may sound really stupid to all of you long timers on here, but what is JAX? I have just recently joined and this is only my second post. I got my first Coach for Christmas:yahoo: and am planning on getting another soon :smile::tpfrox:
  11. they r at outlet. I bought two last week for 87 and 107
  12. Welcome! JAX is Jacksonville, FL...the location of Coach HQ.
  13. Oh, I see. Thank you! I am in NH and we have an outlet that I plan to visit tomorrow :smile: I have been lurking for a while and I am truly addicted tothis forum and to coach :smile: LOL
  14. Also just saw at macys in clearance section.
  15. Tilton is the best outlet ever, I wish I lived closer. Please post when you get back with a report of what they had, please please, thanks !